Medical Breakthrough: EU Greenlights Revolutionary Blood Testing Sensor

Omini’s Innovative Multiplexed Blood Testing Platform Revolutionizes Personalized Medicine and Chronic Disease Management

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Key Takeaways:

  • Omini receives EU patent approval for its innovative electrochemical-based sensor, enhancing its IP portfolio.
  • The device enables simultaneous testing of multiple blood biomarkers, offering a leap in personalized medicine.
  • Omini gears up for clinical trials and large-scale manufacturing, with a focus on heart failure management.

Introduction: Omini, a leading medtech company, has announced a significant milestone in personalized medicine and chronic disease management. The European authorities have approved a patent for its electrochemical-based sensor, a core component of Omini’s multiplexed blood testing platform. This approval marks a pivotal moment in the company’s growth and its mission to transform healthcare diagnostics.

A New Era in Blood Testing: Omini’s groundbreaking technology allows for the simultaneous testing of multiple blood biomarkers using a single-use test strip. This multiplexing capability is akin to a glucometer but far more advanced, providing results from a single capillary blood sample in under ten minutes. The technology’s portability and ease of use make it ideal for outpatient and at-home care, addressing critical needs in the current healthcare landscape.

Innovation and Intellectual Property: The patent, co-authored by Anna Shirinskaya, co-founder and CTO at Omini, at the Ecole Polytechnique, is a testament to the company’s innovative approach to healthcare technology. This patent is the first in Omini’s developing Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio, focusing on miniaturized multiplex sensors for specific biomarker combinations. The company also awaits US patent approval, further expanding its global reach.

Implications for Chronic Disease Management: Omini’s technology is particularly promising in managing chronic diseases like heart failure, often referred to as ‘the silent killer’. The company’s latest patent filing in June 2023 targets heart failure applications, responding to the increasing prevalence of the disease in an aging population with multiple health conditions.

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Advancing Towards Clinical Trials and Manufacturing: Omini is currently finalizing performance studies on human samples and preparing for its first clinical trial. Simultaneously, the company is validating its manufacturing strategy and developing a portable reader to suit large-scale production demands.

About Omini: Founded in 2019 and based in Paris, France, Omini employs nine staff and has raised €2.1 million in funding. The company’s mission is to deliver a ‘point-of-care’ solution for testing multiple blood biomarkers, significantly easing the burden on healthcare systems. The focus is on affordability and practicality in industrialization, with partnerships already in place to meet these goals.

Conclusion: Omini’s EU patent approval for its electrochemical-based sensor is more than just a technological achievement; it represents a paradigm shift in personalized medicine and chronic disease management. As Omini prepares for clinical trials and large-scale production, its innovative platform is poised to make a significant impact on healthcare delivery.

For More Information: To learn more about Omini and its innovative multiplexed blood testing platform, visit

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