Grow Your Own Future: The Aeroponic Revolution Is Here!

Ontario Inventor's Green Dream: Crowdfunding the Next Wave of Home Gardening

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  • Innovative Indoor Gardens: The Eden Aeroponics Project introduces cutting-edge aeroponic systems, The Eden and The Eboo, for sustainable home and community gardening.
  • Crowdfunding for Change: Aiming to raise $100,000 through Indiegogo to scale production and support local food banks with fresh produce.
  • Sustainability at Heart: These indoor gardens not only promote hyper-local produce but also embody eco-friendly practices with low carbon footprints and recyclable materials.

The Genesis of The Eden Aeroponics Project

In Puslinch, Ontario, a groundbreaking initiative has taken root in the form of The Eden Aeroponics Project, spearheaded by Dan Atkinson, a visionary with over thirty years in hydroponics. This project is not just about gardening; it’s a movement towards sustainable living, offering state-of-the-art indoor aeroponic gardens that promise to revolutionize how we cultivate food in our homes and communities.

The Future of Home Gardening

Aeroponic Advancements

The Eden and The Eboo represent the pinnacle of aeroponic gardening, combining style with sustainability. These systems are designed to fit seamlessly into living spaces, producing fresh, crisp greens, strawberries, and herbs year-round. The project is a testament to how modern living and sustainable practices can coalesce to create a healthier, greener future.

A Crowdfunding Journey

The Indiegogo campaign launched by Eden Aeroponics seeks to raise $100,000 to scale production and enhance community sustainability. With various tiers of support, backers can contribute to a greater cause, helping to supply fresh produce to local food banks and fostering a supportive community ecosystem.

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The Impact of Your Contribution

Supporting Community Health

By backing The Eden Aeroponics Project, contributors are not just investing in an innovative product; they are supporting a sustainable food solution for communities. The campaign offers several support levels, from Sprout Supporter to Aeroponic Angel, each designed to facilitate the provision of fresh, healthy produce to those in need, particularly in local food banks.

Bringing Sustainability Home

For those interested in integrating aeroponic technology into their own lives, The Eden and The Eboo are available for purchase through the campaign. These systems not only provide a source of fresh, hyper-local produce but also serve as a step towards reducing reliance on traditional grocery supply chains, embodying a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Eden Aeroponics: Pioneering Sustainable Gardening

Founded on the principles of sustainability and innovation, Eden Aeroponics has been at the forefront of hydroponic research and development. With the creation of The Eden and The Eboo, the company is set to transform the landscape of home gardening, making it accessible, sustainable, and beneficial for the environment and communities alike.


The Eden Aeroponics Project represents a significant leap towards a more sustainable and self-reliant future. By supporting this initiative, individuals can contribute to a global movement of environmental stewardship and community wellness, proving that even small acts of investment can cultivate significant change in our world.

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