Breaking News: Over Half of UK Small Businesses Call for Political Shake-Up

New Survey Reveals Surging Demand for Government Change Among SMEs as Election Looms

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Key Takeaways:

  • Widespread Desire for Change: 58% of UK small businesses believe a government shift in 2024 would positively impact their operations.
  • Regional Variations in Opinion: Scottish SMEs most optimistic about potential political change, with a striking 74% in favor.
  • Sector-Specific Outlooks: Technology firms lead the charge, with 74% anticipating positive outcomes from a new government.


As the political landscape heats up with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s anticipated election call, a startling revelation from a survey shakes the small business community. The survey, encompassing opinions from 546 UK small businesses, unveils a robust appetite for governmental change, echoing broader economic and sector-specific concerns.

Survey Insights: A Call for Change

The survey’s findings are unequivocal: 58% of small business owners see a government change in 2024 as a beacon of hope for their enterprises. Merely 9% express apprehensions about such a shift. This sentiment for political transformation is not uniform across regions, with Scottish SMEs (74%) and those in Greater London (67%) expressing the most optimism.

Regional Analysis: A Scottish Perspective

Scotland emerges as the region most in favor of governmental change. This overwhelming 74% approval among SMEs possibly reflects unique regional challenges and aspirations, distinguishing Scottish business sentiment from the national average.

Industry Focus: Tech Sector’s Stance

The technology and software sectors, grappling with a digital skills gap and talent acquisition hurdles, are particularly vocal. An overwhelming 74% of tech firms anticipate positive outcomes from a change in government, underlining the sector’s unique position in the current economic climate.

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The Struggle of SMEs in 2023

Last year was marred by challenges for SMEs, ranging from skyrocketing inflation to acute labor shortages. With over half of the businesses merely surviving (51%) compared to those thriving (42%), the survey’s results reflect a yearning for a conducive political environment.

Political Implications: A Turning Tide?

The findings arrive at a pivotal moment. A recent YouGov poll suggests a potential landslide victory for the Labour party. Yet, there’s a window of opportunity for the Conservatives. 54% of company owners indicate that business incentives will influence their voting decisions. With a generous Spring budget, the Tories might still sway the business community.

Editor’s Commentary: Richard Parris Weighs In

Richard Parris, Editor of, notes the significance of the upcoming election for the SME community. He highlights the eagerness for policies fostering innovation and growth, emphasizing the critical role of this election in shaping the next decade of business development.

Closing Thoughts

As the UK gears up for a potentially transformative election, the sentiments of the small business community are loud and clear. With a significant portion advocating for a change in government, political parties have a crucial opportunity to address the concerns and aspirations of this vital sector. The coming months will be decisive, not just for politicians, but for the thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises shaping the UK’s economic future.

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