From Compliance to Class Actions: Louisiana’s Legal Titans in Employee Benefits & Compensation

Guiding Employers and Employees through the Intricacies of Compensation Law.

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When it comes to matters of employee benefits and executive compensation, having adept legal guidance is essential. In Louisiana, a group of exceptional lawyers specializes in this complex field, providing invaluable expertise to their clients. From handling ERISA litigation to ensuring compliance with fiduciary duties, these legal professionals are at the forefront of protecting employee rights and promoting fair compensation practices. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of Louisiana’s outstanding Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation lawyers.

Charles Seemann III – Jackson Lewis P.C.

Charles Seemann III, based at Jackson Lewis P.C., is a highly regarded attorney known for his exceptional representation in ESOP and ERISA disputes. With a focus on practical advice, Seemann consistently delivers effective solutions to his clients, earning him widespread praise for his expertise.

Sandra Mills Feingerts – The Benefits Practice

Sandra Mills Feingerts of The Benefits Practice has carved a niche for herself with her strong ERISA practice. She provides invaluable guidance on tax-related issues faced by employers, ensuring they remain compliant with associated regulations.

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Stacey Cerrone – Jackson Lewis P.C.

Stacey Cerrone, a notable lawyer at Jackson Lewis P.C., boasts a comprehensive benefits practice that encompasses fiduciary responsibilities, welfare benefits plans, and 401(k) matters. She stands as a staunch defender of public and private plan sponsors facing intricate ERISA class actions.

Alex Glaser – Jones Walker LLP

Alex Glaser, affiliated with Jones Walker LLP, has gained recognition for his adept counsel on compensation claims, 401(k) audits, and compliance matters. With a keen focus on providing comprehensive guidance, Glaser assists clients in navigating the intricacies of employee benefits and executive compensation.

Howard Shapiro – Jackson Lewis P.C.

Howard Shapiro, practicing at Jackson Lewis P.C., boasts extensive experience representing clients in ERISA litigation, including complex class actions. Additionally, Shapiro is highly regarded for his compliance advice, making him a trusted and knowledgeable resource in the field.

Timothy P. Brechtel – Jones Walker LLP

Timothy P. Brechtel, a lawyer at Jones Walker LLP, excels in advising clients on employee benefits, executive compensation agreements, and 401(k) audits. His thorough and creative approach allows him to handle unique issues with precision, earning accolades from clients.

Dwayne O. Littauer – The Kullman Firm PLC

Dwayne O. Littauer, affiliated with The Kullman Firm PLC, is a highly experienced attorney specializing in executive compensation and fiduciary obligations. Littauer’s brilliance and extensive knowledge in this specific area have made him a sought-after legal expert.

Karleen J Green – Phelps Dunbar LLP

Karleen J Green, practicing at Phelps Dunbar LLP, serves a diverse clientele, providing expert advice on employee benefit arrangements, with a particular focus on 401(k) plans. Green’s proactive and responsive approach, combined with a deep understanding of her clients’ business environments, make her an invaluable legal resource.

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Robert C. Schmidt – Kean Miller LLP

Robert C. Schmidt, a seasoned advisor at Kean Miller LLP, specializes in counseling clients on pension and benefit plans, as well as ensuring compliance with related regulations. His expertise assists clients in maintaining robust compensation programs while navigating the complexities of legal requirements.

Michael Williams – Phelps Dunbar LLP

Michael Williams is highly regarded for his work in advising clients on fiduciary obligations and regulatory compliance. With a reputation for being knowledgeable and confident, Williams is a trusted advocate for clients seeking to uphold employee benefit rights and navigate the ever-changing legal landscape.

René Thorne – Jackson Lewis P.C.

René Thorne, associated with Jackson Lewis P.C., possesses comprehensive expertise in employee benefit litigation. Her extensive experience defending both private and public sector clients in class action lawsuits solidifies her reputation as a formidable advocate for employee rights.

Randye C Snyder – Liskow

Randye C. Snyder, a respected attorney at Liskow, advises clients on a wide range of employee benefit matters. Her deep understanding of the tax aspects of ERISA, executive compensation, and incentive programs helps clients navigate complex issues and find effective solutions.

Robert Rachal – Jackson Lewis P.C.

Robert Rachal, an attorney at Jackson Lewis P.C., handles a broad array of cases, with a particular focus on disputes involving ESOP and ERISA fiduciary duty breaches. His extensive experience and dedication to his clients make him a reliable ally in navigating complex compensation-related challenges.

Katherine Conklin – McGlinchey Stafford

Katherine Conklin stands out for her exceptional representation of clients in the healthcare sector. With a reputation for being capable and approachable, Conklin is a trusted advocate for employers and employees alike.

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In the realm of employee benefits and executive compensation law, these Louisiana-based lawyers excel in protecting employee rights, ensuring compliance, and providing sound legal counsel. From resolving disputes to navigating complex regulations, they are at the forefront of advocating for fair and just compensation practices. By leveraging their expertise, businesses and individuals can confidently navigate the intricacies of employee benefits and executive compensation, secure in the knowledge that they have skilled legal advocates by their side.

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