General Business Law Lawyers in Laos: A Comprehensive Guide

Exploring the Legal Minds Shaping the Business Landscape in Laos

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Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia that has seen a surge in foreign investment and rapid economic growth in recent years. With an abundance of natural resources and strategic location, the country has become a hub for businesses looking to expand their operations in the region. In this article, we showcase some of the most interesting General Business Law lawyers in Laos who are shaping the legal landscape of the country and helping businesses navigate the complex regulatory environment.

Stephen Jaggs – Allen & Overy

Stephen Jaggs is based in Bangkok and has extensive experience in the projects and energy sector, particularly in hydropower projects. He advises project companies and sponsors in Laos, providing legal solutions that balance the interests of all stakeholders. Although Allen & Overy doesn’t have a website for its Laos practice, Stephen Jaggs is well-regarded in the legal community for his expertise in cross-border transactions.

Xaynari Chanthala – LS Horizon (Lao) Limited

Xaynari Chanthala is an experienced local law adviser with strong expertise in energy, capital markets, and general corporate issues. She is especially well placed to advise government institutions on issues of Laos law. Xaynari is a member of LS Horizon, which is one of the leading law firms in Laos, known for providing a broad range of legal services to local and international clients.

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Dino Santaniello – Tilleke & Gibbins

Dino Santaniello leads Tilleke & Gibbins’ practice in Laos and has extensive experience in intellectual property, M&A, market entry, and regulatory issues. He advises businesses across different sectors, including technology, hospitality, and logistics, helping them navigate the legal and regulatory challenges in Laos.

Kristy Newby – DFDL

Kristy Newby is a leading lawyer based in Laos, with strong expertise in the mining sector, as well as project finance and general corporate transactions. She has been advising clients in Laos for more than a decade, and her extensive knowledge of the local legal system makes her an invaluable resource for businesses looking to invest in the country.

Kongphanh Santivong – LS Horizon Limited

Kongphanh Santivong is a consultant based in Vientiane, well versed in project finance, banking, and general corporate matters in Laos. He has worked with a diverse range of clients, including financial institutions, investment funds, and multinationals, providing them with legal solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Aristotle David – ZICO Law

Aristotle David is a seasoned lawyer with expertise in a wide range of general corporate matters, as well as issues in such areas as TMT and finance. He is part of the ZICO Law team, which has a strong presence in the region and offers a comprehensive range of legal services to businesses operating in Laos and other Southeast Asian countries.

Khamphaeng Phochanthilath – K&V Legal Counsel

Khamphaeng Phochanthilath of K&V Legal Counsel is a well-noted local lawyer in Laos, with expertise in company registration, joint ventures, telecoms, and employment. She has been practicing law in Laos for over 15 years, and her extensive experience in the local legal system makes her an invaluable resource for businesses looking to operate in the country.

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Kaz Patafta – McDonald Patafta & Associates Lawyers

Kaz Patafta leads the practice at McDonald Patafta & Associates in Laos, with strong experience in general corporate and projects-related work. He has been advising businesses in Laos for over a decade and has a deep understanding of the local legal and regulatory environment.

Sornpheth Douangdy, VDB Loi

Sornpheth Douangdy is a highly experienced lawyer who draws on his experience as a district court judge to assist clients with Lao legal matters. His expertise includes power projects, M&A, and other high-stakes transactions in Laos.

Senesakoune Sihanouvong, DFDL

Senesakoune Sihanouvong is a well-respected local lawyer in Laos who handles a wide range of matters including finance, corporate, and projects. His work has included advising on major infrastructure projects in the country, as well as assisting clients with regulatory compliance and other general corporate matters.

Cess Principe, ZICO Law

Cess Principe assists clients with M&A and project financing, with experience in the mining, manufacturing, and plantation sectors. She is Philippines-qualified and has worked in-house in the hydropower sector, making her a valuable resource for clients seeking legal assistance in Laos.

Viengsavanh Phanthaly, Phanthaly Law

Viengsavanh Phanthaly handles a wide range of matters, including dispute resolution involving Lao law. He is a knowledgeable and experienced local lawyer with expertise in a range of areas, including project finance, infrastructure development, and regulatory compliance.

Sivath Sengdouangchanh, Sivath & Associates

Sivath Sengdouangchanh of Sivath & Associates is an experienced local law practitioner with expertise in M&A, banking, and real estate matters. His work has included advising clients on major infrastructure projects and other high-stakes transactions in Laos.

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In conclusion, the field of general business law in Laos is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry. The country’s economic growth has created a demand for skilled and knowledgeable lawyers who can navigate the complex legal landscape of Laos. The lawyers mentioned in this article are just a few examples of the many talented professionals working in this field. With their expertise in areas such as energy, mining, capital markets, and dispute resolution, they play a vital role in facilitating business transactions and ensuring compliance with local laws. As Laos continues to develop, the importance of general business law will only increase, making these lawyers indispensable to the country’s future economic success.

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