Exploring Noteworthy Education Lawyers in the UK

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Education law plays a crucial role in ensuring the rights and well-being of students, parents, and educational institutions are protected. In the UK, numerous lawyers specialize in education-related legal matters, offering their expertise and support to individuals navigating complex issues in this field. This article highlights some of the most prominent and dedicated lawyers in the UK who specialize in education law, advocating for the rights of students, parents, and educational establishments across the country.

James Pantling-Skeet (Boyes Turner)

James Pantling-Skeet, an associate at Boyes Turner, is a highly experienced specialist in special educational needs (SEN). With a notable background in community care and the Court of Protection, Pantling-Skeet is particularly skilled at assisting parents of children with disabilities in disputes with local authorities concerning Education, Health and Care plans. His expertise extends to handling placement aspects and ensuring appropriate provisions for children’s educational needs.

Imogen Jolley (Simpson Millar LLP)

Imogen Jolley, a dedicated education lawyer at Simpson Millar LLP, focuses on representing children and their families in SEND Tribunal proceedings. She excels in handling appeals against Education, Health and Care plans, along with admissions and exclusion cases. Jolley’s commitment lies in securing favorable outcomes for children with special educational needs, ensuring they receive the support and provisions they require.

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Emma Varley (Bindmans LLP)

Emma Varley, a lawyer at Bindmans LLP, provides valuable guidance to students, parents, and educational establishments on a range of education-related matters. With expertise in safeguarding, breach of contract, and disability discrimination, Varley plays a vital role in advocating for fair treatment, protection, and equality within educational institutions.

Victoria Federico (Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP)

Victoria Federico, a specialist at Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP, focuses on cases involving special educational needs (SEN). She possesses extensive experience in advising young individuals with a variety of SEN, representing clients in tribunals concerning school placements, and advocating for the contents of Education, Health and Care plans.

Helen Gill (Sinclairslaw)

Helen Gill, associated with Sinclairslaw (incorporating John Ford Solicitors and Match Solicitors), specializes in acting for clients in cases against local authorities and government departments. Her expertise extends to judicial review proceedings, with a particular focus on matters related to Education, Health and Care plans. Gill also assists clients in claims against higher education institutions, ensuring their rights and entitlements are protected.

Lydia Dunford (Boyes Turner)

Lydia Dunford, a respected lawyer at Boyes Turner, is widely recognized for her work in the education sector. Her expertise lies in appearing before the SEND Tribunal, representing clients on various matters, including the provision of Education, Health and Care plans. Dunford’s dedication to advocating for students’ rights contributes to ensuring they receive appropriate educational support and provisions.

John Ford (Sinclairslaw)

John Ford, associated with Sinclairslaw (incorporating John Ford Solicitors and Match Solicitors), utilizes his extensive experience in the education sector to advise students on disputes with schools and universities. With a deep understanding of SEN provision cases, Ford provides valuable support and guidance to students navigating complex educational challenges.

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Angela Jackman (Irwin Mitchell)

Angela Jackman, a specialist at Irwin Mitchell, focuses on SEN and community care cases. Notably proficient in school admission tribunals, Jackman advocates for fair and inclusive education practices, ensuring that children and young people receive the support they need to thrive in educational environments.

Sarah Woosey (Simpson Millar LLP)

Sarah Woosey, the head of the education

law department at Simpson Millar LLP, is a highly regarded education lawyer with expertise in a wide range of education law matters. She specializes in advising parents and students on issues such as admissions, exclusions, bullying, and discrimination. Woosey is dedicated to promoting equality, inclusion, and educational rights, and she works tirelessly to ensure that students receive the best possible education and support.


Education lawyers in the UK play a vital role in safeguarding the rights and interests of students, parents, and educational institutions. They navigate the complex legal landscape, providing expert advice, and advocating for fair treatment, inclusivity, and educational excellence. From special educational needs to admissions, discrimination, and governance issues, these dedicated individuals are at the forefront of ensuring that everyone has access to quality education. Their passion, expertise, and commitment contribute to shaping the educational landscape in the UK and making a positive impact on the lives of students and families.

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