2023’s Top 10 Most Influential Investment Funds Lawyers in Brazil

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Many emerging nations have found it beneficial to lean on the expertise and skill-set of lawyers in their Investment Funds industry. As much as we may see the financial sector being almost entirely swarmed by brokers and financial analysts, the truth is, lawyers in this field play a crucial role to help shape financial transactions and investment strategies. This piece explores some of the most interesting Investment Funds Lawyers in Brazil.

In Brazil, the Investment Fund Industry is thriving, sprouting numerous successful investments, with evidence of consequence return on investment. One can rightly deduce that a competent team plays a part in the success of this industry. This team includes not just the investment managers and brokers, but also lawyers who sift through the legalese to ensure that transactions are successful.

For potential investors looking to make strong strides in the Investment Funds space in Brazil, it is necessary to acquaint yourself with these legal minds whose competence and brilliance have been seen in their numerous successful transactions. Below is a vivid description of them:

Paula Pessôa

Serving at Pinheiro Guimarães, Paula Pessôa is a proven professional in matters related to securitization, FIDC, and credit funds. Her industry experience and expertise in various transaction matters have significantly impacted the investment funds sector in Brazil.

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Caio Ferreira Silva

With a strong reputation in investment funds, Caio Ferreira Silva of Pinheiro Neto Advogados has been valuable in advising clients on the structuring of FIDC and banking credit. His contribution to the industry has made a significant impact.

Eduardo José Herszkowicz

Part of the formidable team at Cescon, Barrieu, Flesch & Barreto Advogados, Eduardo José Herszkowicz has continually shown commitment, competence, and diligence in the investment funds industry in Brazil.

Enrico Bentivegna

Enrico Bentivegna of Pinheiro Neto Advogados has been leading important transactions in the investment funds space. His professional insight in structuring new funds, credit solutions, and FIDC quotas is highly commendable.

Bernardo Kruel de Souza Lima

Bernardo Kruel de Souza Lima of Stocche Forbes Advogados is particularly noted for his proficiency in advising clients on structuring investment vehicles and public offering of shares and quotas of FII and FI-Infra. His contributions have fostered growth within the industry.

Flávio B. Lugão

Serving at Mattos Filho, Flávio Lugão has proven to be incredibly helpful in advising on structuring and restructuring of private equity funds, funds regulation, and fundraising. His active partaking in such transactions has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Ronaldo Ishikawa

Working with i2a Advogados, Ronaldo Ishikawa does not have a firm website but is highly recognized in credit transaction and fund structuring. He is particularly well-regarded for his experience in real estate investments.

Ana Carolina Lima Nomura

Also serving at Mattos Filho, Ana Carolina Lima Nomura has shown considerable expertise leading matters related to structuring of private equity, FIAGRO, banking investment funds, and fundraising. Her contributions have greatly impacted the investment funds industry.

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Fabio Cepeda

Fabio Cepeda serves at Cepeda Advogados and is highly valued by clients for his role in investment funds. He has a long history of advising on CVM regulations, structuring of FI-Infra, and on the formation and launch of credit rights investment funds.

Marcos Canecchio Ribeiro

Working with Stocche Forbes Advogados, Marcos Canecchio Ribeiro has proven his expertise in serving as legal counsel on the structuring of investments and public offering of quotas, FIAGRO, FII, and FIP, thereby making significant contributions to the industry.

By familiarizing yourself with the professionals listed above, you can have a clearer path and greater confidence as you create a mark in the investment funds industry in Brazil. Their advice and expertise are vital in this industry that has a significant impact on the country’s economy.

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