Top 10 London Firms Influencing Offshore British Virgin Islands Law Today

A Brief Introduction to Offshore: British Virgin Islands Law Lawyers in London

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Offshore law refers to the practice of law in jurisdictions outside of a person’s home country. One of the most popular offshore destinations is the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The BVI is known for its favorable legal framework, tax benefits, and business-friendly environment, making it an attractive jurisdiction for international companies and high-net-worth individuals. In London, there are several notable law firms specializing in BVI law, providing expert advice and assistance to clients in various corporate and finance matters.

The following article showcases and explains some of the interesting offshore law lawyers based in London who specialize in BVI law.

Karen Gilbert – Forbes Hare

Karen Gilbert operates a noteworthy BVI-focused practice advising companies on a variety of corporate and finance matters including refinancings, sales, and acquisitions.

Jack Boldarin – Walkers

Jack Boldarin serves as the managing partner of Walkers’ London office and is well respected for both his BVI and Cayman work. He maintains a broad practice encompassing both corporate and finance work.

Rachel Graham – Harney Westwood & Riegels LLP

Rachel Graham is noted for her corporate BVI practice, working with companies on a range of issues including IPOs and M&A.

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Matthew Gilbert – Maples Group

Matthew Gilbert has built a well-regarded BVI-focused practice advising companies on corporate and capital markets matters. He also assists clients with real estate acquisitions and IPOs.

Richard Brown – Carey Olsen

Richard Brown demonstrates skills in commercial disputes in the BVI, with a special focus on insolvency, liquidation, and asset recovery.

Joanna Russell – Maples Group

Joanna Russell regularly assists clients with BVI corporate and finance matters, with notable experience in real estate acquisitions.

Michael Doyle – Forbes Hare

Michael Doyle is a senior associate in the firm’s corporate and funds department and advises clients on a wide variety of corporate matters, with a particular focus on private equity-related issues.

Indira Birkwood – Harney Westwood & Riegels LLP

Indira Birkwood has a noteworthy BVI practice where she advises borrowers and financial sponsors in relation to banking and finance matters.

Neil McDonald – Walkers

Neil McDonald is an acclaimed corporate lawyer who has developed a strong roster of clients in the BVI.

Russell Willings – Harney Westwood & Riegels LLP

Russell Willings is co-head of Harneys’ banking and finance and corporate groups. He stands out for his capital markets expertise and regularly advises clients on transactions involving investment-grade and high-yield debt issuances as well as those relating to derivatives.

The Offshore Law Lawyers in London

This article has highlighted the expertise and experience of several offshore law lawyers in London specializing in British Virgin Islands law. These lawyers possess vast knowledge and understanding of the BVI legal framework and provide valuable advice to clients on various corporate, finance, and banking matters. Whether it’s advising on IPOs, M&A transactions, real estate acquisitions, or insolvency and asset recovery, these lawyers are well-equipped to handle complex offshore legal issues.

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It’s worth noting that there are other reputable law firms and lawyers in London specializing in BVI law, and the ones mentioned in this article serve as mere examples of the talent pool available. It is always advisable for individuals and businesses seeking legal advice in the BVI to conduct thorough research and consider multiple options to ensure they find the most suitable legal representation.


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