Unveiling Top 10 Influential Construction Lawyers of 2023 in Virginia

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In the bustling world of construction, legal representation is of paramount importance. Specialists in construction law provide invaluable guidance from contract drafting to dispute resolution. Virginia, in particular, boasts a cadre of seasoned construction lawyers who are making a significant impact in the industry. This article showcases some of the most adept construction lawyers in the region, providing a brief glimpse into their profiles and contributions to the field.

Construction law is a complex, specialized field that encompasses a range of legal issues including contract law, bonds and bonding, guarantees and sureties, construction and builders liens, tendering, construction claims for such items as delays and lost productivity and related consultancy contracts. The intricate nature of this branch of law makes experienced representation crucial for anyone involved in the construction industry. The lawyers discussed below have garnered prestige for their competence, experience, and dedication in this field, making them highly sought after by clients in Virginia’s construction industry.

Covering a range of sub-disciplines within construction law, such as government contracts, risk management, litigation, surety law, contract negotiations, and dispute resolution, these lawyers have demonstrated a broad expertise that effectively addresses the diverse needs of their clients. Each brings their unique approach and philosophy to the challenging field of construction law, consequently contributing to the growth and development of the industry as a whole in Virginia.

Daniel Kraftson – Kraftson Caudle

Daniel Kraftson is a renowned construction lawyer based in Virginia. His primary focus is on the negotiation of government contracts and the resolution of associated disputes. His skilful handling of litigation, arbitration, and mediation has earned him great respect in the field, and he has been referred to as a “go-to mediator”.

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Shannon J Briglia – Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP

Shannon Briglia is noted for her prowess in construction law, especially in advising on risk management and disputes. She has been lauded as “one of the best construction lawyers in Virginia.”

Scott Kowalski – Petty, Livingston, Dawson & Richards

Scott Kowalski, despite not having a firm website, has made a name for himself as a capable advisor in construction litigation and surety law. His diverse client base includes owners, design professionals, contractors, and suppliers.

Courtney Paulk – Hirschler

Courtney Paulk brings considerable expertise in construction matters, including contract negotiations and disputes concerning delay, defect, and payment. In addition to her law practice, she serves as the president of her firm and leads its litigation group.

Jack Robb – Miles & Stockbridge PC

Jack Robb is a knowledgeable attorney experienced in handling construction contracts and disputes, particularly advising owners and contractors involved in energy sector-related projects. Recognized as “a patient and understanding attorney,” he is proficient in handling complex claims.

Brian Cashmere – Williams Mullen

Brian Cashmere is a front-line attorney popular for representing the interests of contractors in various disputes related to both public and private construction projects. Described as “responsive, knowledgeable, and providing solid counsel on matters of all complexities,” his reputation places him among Virginia’s finest construction lawyers.

Chris Brasco – Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald, LLP

Chris Brasco is highly esteemed for his comprehensive construction practice. His expertise extends to complex litigation and he is also a proficient mediator. His peers regard him as a seasoned veteran in construction law.

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Robert M Moore – Moore & Lee LLP

Robert Moore boasts extensive experience covering federal procurement law, government contracts, and dispute resolution concerning major infrastructure and building projects, making him a solid choice for any construction-related legal issues.

Shelly L Ewald – Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald, LLP

Shelly Ewald is known for her expertise in government contracts and construction disputes, focusing especially on the power industry. Her brilliant litigation skills and strategizing make her popular among clients in need of an evolved approach in construction cases.

Charlie C H Lee – Moore & Lee LLP

Charlie Lee is an accomplished litigator dealing with an array of construction-based disputes. His vast experience makes him a trusted name in Virginia’s construction law landscape.

Whether you are a contractor, supplier, design professional, or property owner, these Virginia-based construction lawyers carry a wealth of experience and knowledge, making them ideal advisors for navigation through the complex landscape of construction law. Their unique blend of skill, dedication, and strategic thinking has greatly contributed to the growth of the construction industry in Virginia.

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