Unveiling the Power of Generative AI in Marketing: Key Findings Revealed!

Deployteq Study Unravels Insights into Data Collection and AI Integration in Marketing

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Key Takeaways:

  • Email and websites emerge as top sources for data collection in marketing strategies.
  • Generative AI integration surges, boosting marketing effectiveness and insights.
  • Focus on AI adoption, insights, and conversions dominates marketers’ priorities for 2024.

Unlocking Insights: Deployteq’s Study Reveals Data Collection Trends

A recent study by Deployteq, a leading self-serve marketing automation provider, has shed light on the evolving landscape of data collection in marketing strategies. With the rise of Generative AI and the increasing emphasis on data-driven marketing, the study unveils key insights into where marketers source their data and how they leverage advanced technologies for enhanced effectiveness.

Email and Websites: Cornerstones of Data Collection

The Deployteq study highlighted that email and websites are the primary sources for data collection among marketers:

  • Email Dominance: 64 percent of respondents rely on emails as a crucial data source, indicating the continued importance of email marketing in gathering valuable insights.
  • Website Influence: Websites closely follow, with 58 percent of marketers leveraging website data to inform their strategies, emphasizing the significance of online platforms in data collection efforts.
  • App Data Lag: In contrast, app data ranks lowest at 26 percent, signaling a shift in focus towards email and website channels for data acquisition.

Generative AI Integration: A Game-Changer in Marketing

The study also delved into the growing adoption of Generative AI in marketing campaigns:

  • AI Surge: 54 percent of respondents reported using Generative AI in their marketing strategies, highlighting the widespread embrace of AI technologies to enhance campaign effectiveness.
  • Strategic Priorities: Marketers are prioritizing gaining more insights (43 percent), increasing conversions (42 percent), and adopting AI (40 percent) as key objectives for 2024, underscoring the pivotal role of advanced technologies in driving marketing success.
  • Ethical Considerations: With the rapid progression of AI integration, marketers are navigating ethical implications and focusing on responsible AI utilization to maximize benefits while mitigating risks.
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Empowering Teams for an AI-Driven Future

Pauline Buil, Marketing Director at Deployteq, emphasized the importance of enabling teams for AI adoption:

  • Skills Development: Buil advocated for empowering marketing teams with the skills and knowledge to leverage AI technologies effectively, debunking the myth of AI replacing human roles.
  • AI Empowerment: CEO Sjuul Van Der Leeuw echoed Buil’s sentiments, emphasizing the need for organizations to embrace AI integration and equip teams for an AI-powered future.

Industry Impact and Expansion Plans

The Deployteq study’s insights come amid the company’s targeted expansion in the UK market and strategic partnerships with major brands:

  • Strengthening Partnerships: Deployteq’s collaborations with brands like Wickes, Centre Parcs, and Virgin Media underscore its commitment to delivering innovative marketing solutions and driving industry advancements.
  • Market Growth: The company’s expansion initiatives reflect a growing demand for AI-driven marketing solutions and a proactive approach to meeting evolving industry needs.


Deployteq’s study illuminates the transformative impact of Generative AI and data-driven strategies in modern marketing. By leveraging advanced technologies, marketers can unlock valuable insights, enhance campaign effectiveness, and navigate the dynamic landscape of digital marketing with confidence and innovation.

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