Unveiling the Future of Marketing: Team ITG’s Groundbreaking Virtual Production Campaign Ignites Jaeger’s M&S Collection

Team ITG's remarkable virtual production campaign sets a new standard for marketing, delivering stunning visuals and enhanced sustainability.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Team ITG pioneers state-of-the-art virtual production campaign for Jaeger’s M&S collection, revolutionizing video and photography.
  • Capture production studio in Birmingham showcases the power of virtual production, creating immersive environments and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Virtual production offers cost-efficient and sustainable solutions, eliminating the need for extensive travel and enabling faster campaign execution.
  • Jaeger leverages the content-rich campaign to engage customers across multiple channels, including physical stores and digital platforms.

Team ITG, the technology-led marketing activation business, has ushered in a new era of marketing with a groundbreaking virtual production campaign for renowned fashion retailer Jaeger. This cutting-edge endeavor, shot at Team ITG’s Capture production studio in Birmingham, highlights the immense potential of virtual production in creating immersive environments and revolutionizing the way brands approach marketing.

Transforming Reality: Virtual Production Sets the Stage

At Team ITG’s state-of-the-art Capture production studio, the team harnessed the power of virtual production to bring Jaeger’s British road trip concept shoot to life. Leveraging their impressive 10m x 3m virtual production screen, the studio recreated stunning locations such as a beach, countryside, garden party, and London’s Mews Street. In just two days, the team completed the shoot, showcasing the future of sustainability-driven marketing campaigns.

James Chittenden, Creative Officer and MD of Capture for Team ITG, expressed his enthusiasm for the potential of virtual and extended reality productions in the marketing landscape. He stated, “Virtual and extended reality productions are set to be transformational tools for the future of marketing, enabling high-complexity, high-cost campaigns to be executed seamlessly in one location. This approach not only offers cost efficiencies but also aligns with sustainability goals, eliminating the need for extensive travel and reducing carbon footprint.”

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Redefining Creativity and Efficiency: The Benefits of Virtual Production

The Jaeger shoot resulted in captivating stills and moving image content for the brand’s WW and MW ranges. These assets are set to be deployed across various customer touchpoints, including store windows, in-store displays, online platforms, and digital channels. Lawrence Christensen, Head of Marketing Brands at Jaeger and M&S, praised the content-rich campaign, emphasizing the constant need for retailers to engage consumers across all channels.

By harnessing the capabilities of virtual production and leveraging the Capture studio, Jaeger achieved greater customization and creativity, bringing their ideas to life in a single location. Christensen remarked, “The state-of-the-art Capture facility is a marketer’s dream, helping creative teams produce eye-catching content and enabling the customization and efficiency our campaign required.”

The Power of Integration: From Virtual Production to Market Activation

Capture’s virtual production and XR studios seamlessly integrate with ITG’s Storyteq marketing technology and end-to-end creative services. This integration empowers brands to collaborate effectively, scale assets, and activate localized content for fast go-to-market campaigns. The combination of cutting-edge technology, creative prowess, and streamlined processes positions Team ITG as a frontrunner in the evolving marketing landscape.

With virtual production at the core of their marketing strategy, Jaeger demonstrates its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and delivering impactful campaigns. This partnership with Team ITG sets a new benchmark for the industry, inspiring brands to embrace the potential of virtual production and unlock a world of creative possibilities.

As the future unfolds, Team ITG continues to pioneer the convergence of technology and marketing, empowering brands to captivate audiences and drive business growth through immersive and sustainable campaigns.

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About Team ITG: Team ITG is a technology-led, marketing activation business that leverages cutting-edge solutions and end-to-end creative services to drive business success for brands. With their innovative virtual production capabilities showcased through the Jaeger campaign, Team ITG is transforming the marketing landscape, delivering engaging content, and embracing sustainability in the process.

About Jaeger: Jaeger, a renowned fashion retailer, consistently pushes boundaries in the industry. With their commitment to captivating campaigns and the integration of virtual production, Jaeger stands at the forefront of innovation, inspiring consumers worldwide.

About Capture: Capture, Team ITG’s state-of-the-art production studio, is a hub of creativity and technical excellence. By harnessing the power of virtual production, Capture empowers brands to bring their visions to life while prioritizing sustainability and efficiency.

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