Unveiling Scotland’s Social Housing Legal Champions

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Scotland’s social housing sector plays a vital role in providing affordable and sustainable homes to individuals and communities across the country. Behind the scenes, a group of dedicated legal professionals are instrumental in shaping the landscape and ensuring the smooth operation of this crucial industry. In this article, we highlight and showcase the work of Scotland’s most interesting and influential social housing lawyers, who navigate the complex legal terrain and provide invaluable support to housing associations, registered social landlords (RSLs), and local authorities.

Karen Brodie – BTO Solicitors LLP

Karen Brodie is well respected for her commercial conveyancing practice in which she regularly advises RSLs on development matters such as site acquisitions. Her expertise in commercial property law makes her an invaluable asset in facilitating the expansion and development of social housing projects in Scotland.

Jim Bauld – TC Young

Jim Bauld is a highly regarded litigator with extensive experience in social housing matters. He specializes in representing clients in various legal issues, including anti-social behavior and evictions. Jim’s wealth of experience ensures that the rights and interests of housing associations and RSLs are safeguarded within the legal framework.

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Andrew Meakin – Morton Fraser

Andrew Meakin possesses deep expertise in debt finance and general banking matters, making him a sought-after advisor for lenders in the social housing sector. His additional specialization in real estate finance strengthens his ability to provide comprehensive legal guidance, fostering the growth and success of social housing initiatives in Scotland.

Gillian Ralph – Shoosmiths LLP

Gillian Ralph has notable experience acting for funders in relation to acquisitions of development sites for affordable housing. Her astute legal acumen and understanding of the social housing industry make her an invaluable resource for clients seeking guidance on development acquisitions.

Louise Chambers – Burness Paull

Louise Chambers is highlighted for her experience acting for a range of housing associations on major development projects and property transactions. Her expertise in navigating complex legal matters ensures the smooth execution of critical initiatives within the social housing sector.

Gillian Wood – Shoosmiths LLP

Gillian Wood is relied upon to handle a range of issues on behalf of housing associations and RSLs. She is highlighted for her ability to advise clients on development acquisitions and Golden Brick acquisitions, contributing to the growth and success of social housing initiatives in Scotland.

Andrew Cowan – TC Young

Andrew Cowan, the managing partner at TC Young, acts on behalf of housing associations, advising on day-to-day matters including housing management challenges and risk mitigation. He is particularly noted for his extensive litigation experience in the context of social housing, ensuring the legal protection of housing associations and RSLs.

James S W McMorrow – Harper Macleod LLP

James McMorrow is highly experienced in handling regulatory matters, in addition to advising RSLs on constitutional partnerships. His expertise in navigating complex legal frameworks ensures compliance and effective governance within the social housing sector.

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Shirley Evans – Anderson Strathern

Shirley Evans is a go-to litigator for local authorities and housing associations. She is held in high regard for her expert handling of complex housing management disputes, including those involving evictions and anti-social behavior. Shirley’s expertise ensures the protection of the rights and interests of clients within the social housing industry.

Christine A Stuart – TC Young

Christine Stuart advises housing associations among other clients on shared ownership projects. Her expertise extends to a range of transactional matters, including stock transfer, sales, and securities-related matters. Her guidance contributes to the success of social housing initiatives in Scotland.

Janette Speed – Shoosmiths LLP

Janette Speed has a particular focus on residential development, advising a number of national

house builders as well as large landowners. Her experience in the student accommodation and social housing spaces ensures effective legal support for clients involved in these sectors.

Lauren Little – TC Young

Lauren Little has a recognized practice representing RSLs in transactional, regulatory, and financing matters in the housing sector. Her comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape ensures the successful execution of important initiatives within the social housing industry.

Len Freedman – TC Young

Len Freedman, a consultant at TC Young, has extensive experience acting for RSLs and funders on matters such as bond funding, joint ventures, and environmental regulations. His sector expertise allows him to advise on the creation of new nationwide policies, contributing to the overall development and growth of the social housing sector.

Peter Chambers – Burness Paull

Peter Chambers is recognized for his experience representing residential developers and housing associations in a range of transactional matters. His expertise in navigating legal complexities ensures the smooth execution of critical projects within the social housing industry.

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Collette Miller – Harper Macleod LLP

Collette Miller demonstrates notable strength in the space, and her clients include RSLs and local authorities. She has considerable experience advising clients on governance and regulatory issues, ensuring compliance and effective operations within the social housing sector.

Ruth McNaught – Burness Paull

Ruth McNaught regularly advises housing associations and local authority clients on a range of matters, from acquisitions to governance matters. Her expertise in navigating legal complexities ensures the smooth execution of critical projects within the social housing industry.


These esteemed legal professionals are instrumental in shaping the social housing landscape in Scotland. Through their expertise and dedication, they ensure the availability of affordable and sustainable homes, positively impacting individuals and communities across the country.

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