Unveiling Scotland’s Exceptional Charities Lawyers – Pioneers in the Legal Field

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Scotland’s legal landscape is home to a remarkable cohort of lawyers specializing in the charities sector. These legal professionals play a pivotal role in supporting and guiding charitable organizations, ensuring compliance, and resolving complex legal matters. In this article, we delve into the profiles of ten exceptional lawyers who have made significant contributions to the charitable sector in Scotland. From their expertise in governance and regulatory affairs to their adeptness in data protection and contractual issues, these legal trailblazers have become instrumental in driving social change and advancing the missions of charitable entities.

Marion Davis – Enhancing Charities’ Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Marion Davis, a prominent figure at BTO Solicitors LLP, is dedicated to assisting charities in various areas, including governance, regulatory matters, trustee disputes, and charity formations. With extensive experience liaising with the OSCR, Marion offers invaluable governance training to trustees, ensuring best practices and adherence to regulatory frameworks.

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Kelly Fraser – Data Protection and Compliance Expertise for Charities

Kelly Fraser, a seasoned senior associate at The Edrington Group, specializes in supporting charities with data protection breaches, compliance matters, and the drafting of grant agreements. With a keen focus on constitutional and governance issues, Kelly provides comprehensive guidance to help charities navigate legal complexities.

Valerie Surgenor – Navigating Social Media Law and Data Security for Charitable Organizations

Valerie Surgenor, a highly regarded lawyer at MacRoberts LLP, brings her extensive knowledge to bear on negotiating software licensing agreements and addressing questions of social media law and data security. Valerie’s expertise is a vital asset for charities seeking to safeguard their digital presence and protect sensitive information.

Alastair Keatinge – Leading the Way in Charity Law and Social Enterprise

Alastair Keatinge, a reputable lawyer at Lindsays, has earned an excellent reputation for his profound understanding of governance, constitutional matters, and compliance issues affecting charities. As the head of the firm’s charity and social enterprise team, Alastair offers invaluable leadership and expertise to clients.

Victoria Simpson – Empowering Charities with Commercial Acumen and Governance Expertise

Victoria Simpson, the head of the charities department at Anderson Strathern, is highly regarded for her vast experience in commercial and corporate issues affecting the third sector. Alongside her expertise in safeguarding and governance advice, Victoria provides valuable insights into restructuring matters and the establishment of SCIOs.

Emma Maxwell – Guiding Charities through Mergers and Governance Challenges

Emma Maxwell, a senior associate at Burness Paull, is an integral part of the firm’s public and third sector team. With a focus on mergers and governance issues, Emma offers indispensable guidance to clients, including housing associations and charitable trusts, as they navigate complex legal landscapes.

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Malcolm Rust – Providing Sound Legal Counsel for Charitable Governance and Asset Transfer

Malcolm Rust, a respected lawyer at Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP, is dedicated to assisting an array of charities with governance arrangements, constitutional reviews, and asset transfers. Malcolm’s expertise extends to handling contentious issues, ensuring charities can effectively address legal disputes.

Gavin McEwan – Championing Charities in Matters of Merger, Disposal, and Constitutional Affairs

Head of the charities department at Turcan Connell, Gavin McEwan, is a highly regarded lawyer representing notable charities on a range of issues. From mergers and asset disposals to constitutional matters, Gavin’s expertise helps charities navigate complex legal processes and achieve their organizational goals.

Marion Davis – Empowering Charities through Governance and Regulatory Expertise

Marion Davis, a dedicated lawyer at BTO Solicitors LLP, is renowned for her comprehensive support to charities in governance, regulatory compliance, and disputes. With a focus on empowering trustees through training and practical guidance, Marion ensures charities operate effectively within the legal framework.

Kelly Fraser – Supporting Charities with Data Protection Compliance and Contractual Matters

Kelly Fraser, a seasoned senior associate at The Edrington Group, specializes in assisting charities with data protection compliance, contractual issues, and grant agreements. Kelly’s expertise enables charities to handle sensitive data securely and navigate complex legal obligations.


The ten exceptional lawyers profiled in this article exemplify the expertise and dedication of Scotland’s leading charities lawyers. Through their profound understanding of governance, regulatory compliance, data protection, and contractual matters, these legal professionals play a pivotal role in advancing the missions of charitable organizations. Their contributions in the legal field empower charities to navigate complex challenges, protect their assets, and drive social change effectively.

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