Unveiling North Carolina’s Intellectual Property Legal Titans

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North Carolina’s intellectual property (IP) landscape is bustling with legal talent dedicated to protecting and enforcing the rights of innovators and creators. From patent litigation to trademark portfolio management, these IP lawyers exhibit exceptional skill and expertise in safeguarding their clients’ valuable intellectual assets. In this article, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable IP lawyers in North Carolina who have made significant contributions to the field. Join us as we explore their achievements, accolades, and the impact they have had on shaping the state’s legal landscape.

Doug Grimes – Championing Copyright and Trademark Disputes

Doug Grimes, a seasoned lawyer at Allen, Chesson & Grimes PLLC, is a recognized expert in copyright infringement, trade secret, and trademark disputes. With his vast experience, Doug provides clients with exceptional representation and strategic guidance in protecting their intellectual property rights. Renowned for his legal prowess and dedication to his clients, Doug is a force to be reckoned with in the North Carolina IP legal scene.

Rob Van Arnam – Orchestrating Success in Trademark and Patent Matters

Rob Van Arnam of Williams Mullen possesses extensive experience managing trademark and patent portfolios, as well as handling infringement litigation. With his deep understanding of IP law, Rob consistently delivers exceptional results for his clients. Renowned for his sharp intellect and client-centric approach, Rob is widely regarded as a highly skilled lawyer who goes above and beyond to serve his clients’ needs.

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Christopher Thomas – Bridging IP Protection and Litigation

Christopher Thomas, a prominent attorney at Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP, specializes in trademark infringement litigation, portfolio management, and IP licensing. Representing clients across diverse sectors, Christopher provides top-notch legal counsel and pragmatic advice. Known for his responsiveness and ability to navigate complex legal issues, Christopher is a trusted advisor to his clients, ensuring their intellectual property rights are effectively protected.

Arlene D Hanks – Pragmatic Advice for Patents and Trademarks

Arlene D Hanks, a valued member of Moore & Van Allen, PLLC, is renowned for her expertise in patent and trademark portfolio management. With her deep understanding of intellectual property law, Arlene provides clients with pragmatic advice on securing and protecting their patents and trademarks. She is highly responsive and ensures her clients receive comprehensive guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Coe Ramsey – Illuminating Intellectual Property in Media and Entertainment

Coe Ramsey, an esteemed lawyer at Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the intersection of intellectual property and the media and entertainment industry. With his deep understanding of copyright and trademark issues in this sector, Coe provides invaluable guidance to clients, ensuring their intellectual property rights are protected and effectively managed.

Joseph Schouten – Championing Clients in IP Litigation

Joseph Schouten, a highly respected attorney at Ward and Smith PA, specializes in intellectual property litigation, including patent and trademark infringement disputes. Known for his energy and meticulous approach to litigation, Joseph is dedicated to advocating for his clients’ interests and achieving favorable outcomes. His extensive experience and sharp legal acumen make him a formidable force in the courtroom.

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Maury Tepper – Pioneering Intellectual Property in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Maury Tepper, a distinguished lawyer at Tepper & Eyster, PLLC, is at the forefront of intellectual property matters in the pharmaceutical industry. With his expertise in trademark, copyright, and domain name mandates, Maury provides comprehensive legal counsel to clients, ensuring their intellectual property rights are protected and leveraged for success in this highly regulated sector.

Angela Doughty – Exemplary Trademark Litigation and Portfolio Management

Angela Doughty, a skilled attorney at Ward and Smith PA, excels in trademark litigation and portfolio management. Known for her excellent client service skills and strong business sense, Angela offers strategic guidance to clients, protecting their trademarks and ensuring their intellectual property assets align with their overall business objectives.


The intellectual property lawyers in North Carolina showcased in this article represent the best and the brightest in their field. Their exceptional skills, legal expertise, and dedication to serving their clients have solidified their reputation as trusted advisors and formidable advocates for the protection of intellectual property rights. Whether it’s copyright infringement, patent prosecution, trademark disputes, or portfolio management, these legal titans continue to shape the legal landscape in North Carolina and play a vital role in safeguarding the innovation and creativity of individuals and businesses across various industries.

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