Unmasking Brilliance: 15 Exceptional Healthcare Lawyers Shaping Tennessee’s Future

A Wealth of Legal Expertise in the Healthcare Industry.

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Tennessee boasts a vibrant legal community, with several standout healthcare lawyers who have made their mark in the field. These legal professionals provide invaluable counsel and guidance to clients in the healthcare sector, navigating complex transactions, regulatory frameworks, and compliance matters. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the most notable healthcare lawyers in Tennessee and explore their exceptional contributions to the industry.

Jay Hardcastle: Extensive Experience in Healthcare Transactions and Regulation

Jay Hardcastle, a prominent figure in the legal market, has earned a stellar reputation for his expertise in advising healthcare clients on transactions and regulatory matters. As a member of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, Jay brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. His clients benefit from his exceptional counsel and advice, delivered with the highest level of professionalism and proficiency.

Cynthia Y Reisz: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Regulatory Strength

Cynthia Reisz, a highly respected healthcare lawyer, has garnered recognition for her extensive experience in joint ventures, acquisitions, and various healthcare transactions. Her transactional capabilities are complemented by an impressive regulatory prowess, ensuring that her clients receive comprehensive guidance on compliance matters. Cynthia’s invaluable expertise makes her a sought-after legal professional in Tennessee’s healthcare industry.

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Kevin B Campbell: Navigating Complex Healthcare Regulations

With an impressive practice that encompasses advising on Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute concerns, HIPAA, and antitrust issues, Kevin Campbell stands out as a trusted healthcare lawyer. His clients, including hospital systems, behavioral health providers, and imaging centers, benefit from his deep understanding of the complex regulatory landscape. Kevin’s extensive knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset in navigating the intricate legal requirements of the healthcare sector.

Richard Cowart: A Master of Healthcare Transactions and Regulatory Compliance

Richard Cowart is a legal expert known for his impressive expertise in major healthcare transactions. Additionally, he provides invaluable advice on licensing, physician contracting concerns, and strong regulatory compliance counsel. Richard’s exceptional ability to distill complex healthcare issues into plain English sets him apart in the legal landscape. His clients appreciate his masterful handling of transactional, reimbursement, and regulatory matters.

J. James Jenkins Jr: Notable Expertise in Healthcare M&A

J. James Jenkins Jr offers notable expertise in large healthcare mergers and acquisitions. He also specializes in handling joint ventures and securities issuances for a diverse range of clients, including healthcare plans and surgery centers. With his comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of healthcare M&A, James consistently delivers top-tier legal services to his clients.

Angela Humphreys: A Broad Range of Healthcare Legal Matters

Angela Humphreys is a well-established practitioner who handles a wide range of healthcare legal matters. Her expertise encompasses regulatory issues, government investigations, and transactions. Angela’s clients, which include nonprofits and private equity groups, benefit from her sharp negotiation skills and practical approach. Angela’s legal acumen and broad experience make her a trusted advisor in the healthcare industry.

Michael R Hess: Specialized Knowledge in Pharmacy Transactions

Michael Hess, based in Memphis, stands out for his highly regarded experience advising specialty pharmacies on transactions. His deep knowledge of regulatory matters, gained through in-house experience at several healthcare providers, further enhances his ability to provide comprehensive legal guidance. Michael’s specialized expertise makes him an invaluable resource for clients in need of legal services in the pharmacy sector.

Michael R Hill: Comprehensive Healthcare Transaction and Compliance Support

Michael Hill’s practice centers around providing legal counsel on a range of healthcare transactions and compliance issues. He is frequently engaged by hospitals and nursing homes for mergers and acquisitions, leveraging his outstanding corporate and commercial acumen. Michael’s sound and practical advice across various transactions have earned him a reputation as an outstanding healthcare lawyer.

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Stephen T Braun: High-Value Healthcare Transactions and Regulatory Advisory

Stephen Braun is an experienced healthcare lawyer who excels in handling high-value healthcare transactions. His expertise extends to advising clients on operational and regulatory matters, with a particular focus on hospital mergers and acquisitions. Stephen’s proficiency and in-depth understanding of the healthcare landscape enable him to provide valuable guidance to his clients.

Ashby Q Burks: Hospital Operators’ Trusted Legal Advisor

Ashby Burks acts as a trusted legal advisor to hospital operators, inpatient and outpatient facilities, on acquisitions, sales, and joint ventures. His extensive knowledge of regulatory and governance issues further enhances his ability to provide comprehensive legal support. Ashby’s brilliance and tireless dedication to transactional matters make him a highly respected healthcare lawyer.

Andrew Murray: Expertise in Healthcare Transactions and Regulatory Issues

Andrew Murray’s legal practice spans a wide range of healthcare transactions and contracts. He is well-versed in advising clients on regulatory healthcare issues, frequently representing hospitals and hospices. Andrew’s comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of healthcare law allows him to provide effective and strategic legal solutions to his clients.

John Voigt: Corporate Governance and Regulatory Specialist

John Voigt specializes in corporate governance and regulatory issues in the healthcare sector. He is highly experienced in representing clients in divestitures and mergers and acquisitions. John’s deep understanding of corporate governance and regulatory frameworks positions him as a trusted legal advisor for clients in the healthcare industry.

E Brent Hill: M&A and Joint Ventures in Specialized Physician Groups

E Brent Hill’s legal expertise lies in advising on mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures involving specialized physician groups. With a focus on healthcare transactions, Brent provides invaluable guidance to clients seeking to navigate complex legal matters in the industry.

Leigh Walton: Decades of Experience in Healthcare Legal Matters

Leigh Walton, a highly experienced healthcare lawyer, maintains a diverse practice that encompasses mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, securities offerings, and corporate governance concerns. With over 40 years of experience advising healthcare providers, Leigh brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients, ensuring they receive comprehensive legal support.

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W Kenneth Marlow: Transactional Powerhouse in Healthcare

W Kenneth Marlow is a prominent transactional healthcare lawyer who regularly engages in joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. His clients, including nonprofit and academic medical centers, benefit from his substantial experience and expertise. Kenneth’s prominence as a transactional lawyer makes him a sought-after legal professional in the healthcare industry.

George W Bishop III: Joint Ventures, Investments, and Regulatory Matters

George Bishop advises healthcare companies on joint ventures, venture capital investments, securities offerings, and regulatory and antitrust matters. With over four decades of experience, George leverages his deep understanding of the healthcare industry to deliver comprehensive legal support to his clients. He is recognized as a seasoned hospital mergers and acquisitions lawyer nationally.


The healthcare industry in Tennessee is fortunate to have a plethora of highly skilled and experienced legal professionals. The healthcare lawyers showcased in this article have demonstrated their expertise in various aspects of healthcare law, including transactions, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance. Their commitment to providing top-tier legal services has earned them reputations as trusted advisors and invaluable assets to their clients in Tennessee’s vibrant healthcare sector.

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