Unlocking the Secrets of International Trade: The South Korean Lawyers You Need on Your Side!

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As the global economy continues to expand, international trade has become a vital part of many businesses. It is a complex area of law that requires expert guidance to navigate the ever-changing landscape of international regulations and policies. In South Korea, a number of lawyers are at the forefront of international trade law, providing clients with comprehensive legal counsel on a range of issues. In this article, we will showcase and explain some of the most interesting and prominent international trade lawyers in South Korea.

Tong-chan Shin: Yulchon LLC

Tong-chan Shin is an experienced lawyer with Yulchon LLC, one of South Korea’s largest law firms. He advises corporate clients and government bodies on compliance matters relating to export control as well as international sanctions. Shin is particularly well known for his practice advising domestic clients on economic sanctions issues involving a range of jurisdictions, including Iran, Russia, and North Korea. He is equipped to advise private entities and governmental bodies.

Kichang Chung: Lee & Ko

Kichang Chung is a co-head of Lee & Ko’s international trade group in South Korea. He advises on WTO disputes and trade policy, often representing government entities. With his in-depth knowledge and experience, Chung is able to guide his clients through the complexities of international trade regulations and policies.

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Sungbum Lee: Yoon & Yang LLC

Sungbum Lee is a highly respected international trade lawyer at Yoon & Yang LLC. He has particular expertise in handling countervailing duty investigations, in addition to assisting with anti-dumping investigations and providing regulatory trade advice. Lee maintains a highly active international trade practice in the Korean market.

Seong Joong Kim: Kim & Chang

Seong Joong Kim is a partner at Kim & Chang, one of South Korea’s premier law firms. With prior experience as a government official at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in South Korea, Kim is well placed to handle international trade dispute settlement mandates and represents clients in enforcement actions and investigations.

Jae Hee Kim: Shin & Kim

Jae Hee Kim advises on a variety of international trade matters, including anti-dumping disputes, export controls and WTO investigations. He maintains a diverse client base that includes corporates, government agencies, and private economic organizations. Kim is a partner at Shin & Kim, a top-tier law firm in South Korea.

Young Gee Park: Lee & Ko

Young Gee Park has a strong background of representing clients in customs work, including origin verification matters. He is active in investigations initiated by the Korea Customs Service. Park is a partner at Lee & Ko and is known for his expertise in international trade regulations and policies.

Juhong Kim: Kim & Chang

Juhong Kim leads advice to several high-profile international corporations on a range of customs matters in South Korea, including customs audits and disputes. He maintains a noteworthy practice in the international trade sphere and is a partner at Kim & Chang.

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Hyunsoo Joo: Lee & Ko

Hyunsoo Joo is recognized for her experience advising public and private entities on WTO disputes, FTA negotiations and trade remedy mandates in the Korean market. She is particularly well versed in matters relating to the manufacturing and electronics industries. Joo is a partner at Lee & Ko and is known for her strategic and pragmatic approach to international trade issues.

Doo-Sik Kim: Shin & Kim

Doo-Sik Kim is a well-respected figure in the international trade sphere. He remains highly active on WTO and anti-dumping disputes, in addition to advising on trade treaty negotiations and export control. He typically represents Korean governmental bodies and is a partner at Shin & Kim.


International trade is a critical part of the global economy, and South Korea’s international trade lawyers are among the best in the world. The lawyers highlighted above are just a few of the many talented professionals practicing international trade law in South Korea. With their expertise and experience, they provide valuable guidance and counsel to clients navigating the complexities of global trade.

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