Unlocking Liquid Gold: How Wise Water Usage Transformed Savings & Sustainability

Annual insights reveal a water retailer's remarkable achievements in saving UK customers millions while championing sustainability

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Key Takeaways:

  • £31.5 million saved for customers in a single financial year by a major water retailer.
  • Initiatives in water efficiency resulted in over 7.5 billion litres of water saved, equivalent to 3,028 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • The company’s eco-friendly strategies resulted in a significant reduction of 3 million kg of CO2 emissions, akin to taking 660 cars off the roads.

Diving Deep: An Overview of Monumental Savings

Water, often called the elixir of life, has become the pivot for massive savings and substantial environmental impacts for UK consumers. Among the leaders in the water retail sector, Business Stream, stands out with a notable achievement of nearly £32 million in customer savings during 2022/23.

Breaking Down the Numbers: Where The Savings Flow

The year witnessed customers reaping benefits of over £15 million purely from discounts. However, the company didn’t just stop there. Leveraging water efficiency programs, the firm facilitated savings of more than £14 million from reduced water consumption and another £2 million from energy savings.

Digital innovations played a key role. Advanced monitoring solutions allowed businesses to keep an eagle’s eye on water usage, identifying spots where water conservation could translate to cost reductions. A mind-boggling 7.5 billion litres of water were conserved through these initiatives.

More Than Just Savings: The Green Footprint

Business Stream’s commitment to the environment shines bright with a massive carbon offset of over 3 million kg of CO2. This green initiative’s impact can be visualized by the equivalent removal of 660 cars from our roads, emphasizing the company’s dedication to a sustainable future.

Since 2008, the company’s track record boasts of an astounding £367 million savings and a jaw-dropping conservation of over 62.7 billion litres of water.

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A Voice from the Helm: CEO’s Perspective

Jo Dow, the visionary Chief Executive of Business Stream, expressed the company’s elation in consistently delivering savings year after year. Emphasizing the dual potential of cost savings and environmental conservation through judicious water usage, she highlighted the firm’s unwavering commitment to assisting both businesses and the public sector.

In a notable mention, Scottish public entities, including NHS Scotland, Police Scotland, and the Scottish Government, saved a whopping £2.85 million last year, further reinforcing the company’s pivotal role in serving the public sector.

Milestones & Achievements

Business Stream’s commendable performance isn’t a one-off. They secured the esteemed Scottish Government Public Sector Water and Waste Water Framework contract in 2020, a deal valued around £200 million spanning three years. Given their stellar service, an extension for another year was added in 2022.

The eco-conscious efforts of Business Stream were further evidenced when the firm managed to slash its carbon emissions by half in a single year, overshooting their pledge of a 20% reduction.

A Glimpse into Business Stream’s Legacy

Incepted in 2006, Business Stream emerged with a clear mission, setting the stage for top-notch service for business clientele with the onset of the competitive water market in Scotland. They’ve consistently evolved, and in 2019, articulated a vision committed to customers, the environment, local communities, and their dedicated workforce.

Ever since, Business Stream has unfurled over 30 innovative initiatives, from robust mentoring programs to fostering colleague wellbeing, setting a gold standard in the water retail sector.

Conclusion: Riding the Wave of Transformation

As the UK’s water landscape shifts, companies like Business Stream are not just riding the wave but actively shaping it. Through a perfect blend of customer-centric initiatives, technological adoption, and environmental commitment, they’re setting a precedent for others to follow.

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In a world where sustainability intertwines with business strategies, the tale of Business Stream serves as an inspiration, underscoring the power of resource conservation in shaping a brighter, greener, and more prosperous future.

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