Uniting Families for the Holidays: Law Firm’s Generous Gesture to Refugees

Manchester Law Firm Partners with Refugee Charity to Provide Pro Bono Legal Aid for Family Reunions

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Key Takeaways:

  • Manchester-based Barings Law is offering pro bono legal services to Breaking Barriers, a refugee employment charity.
  • The firm’s legal team aids refugees in reuniting with families in the UK, often navigating complex legal barriers.
  • Since 2015, Breaking Barriers has assisted over 2,300 refugees, with a goal to support 4,000 annually by 2030.

A Compassionate Initiative: In a heartwarming gesture of goodwill, Manchester’s Barings Law is providing free legal support to Breaking Barriers, a charity dedicated to helping refugees gain meaningful employment and reunite with their families in the UK. This partnership stands as a beacon of hope for many who have fled war and persecution, offering them a chance to rebuild their lives with their loved ones.

Legal Expertise Meeting Humanitarian Needs: Barings Law’s team of legal practitioners is working tirelessly, handling up to three cases a week, many of which have led to successful family reunions. Jamila Nelson, an immigration adviser at the firm, emphasizes the importance of empathy and dedication in their work. “Our goal is to help as many families as we can,” she states, underscoring the firm’s commitment to making a significant difference in these individuals’ lives.

Breaking Barriers: A Force for Change: Since its inception in 2015, Breaking Barriers has been instrumental in changing the lives of refugees. With more than 1,905 successful employment, education, and volunteering outcomes, the charity has been a pivotal force in integrating refugees into UK society. In the last year alone, the charity has aided over 1,100 refugees, more than in any previous year.

The Impact of Pro Bono Support: Reem Othman, Senior Employment and Integration Adviser at Breaking Barriers, expresses gratitude for the legal support provided by Barings Law. The partnership not only relieves the pressure on the charity’s advisers but also ensures prompt and qualified legal assistance to their clients. “We are proud of our partnership with Barings Law,” Othman remarks, highlighting the synergistic relationship between the two organizations.

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Fostering Positive Change: This initiative goes beyond legal assistance; it represents Barings Law’s deep-rooted commitment to social welfare. The firm’s involvement in translation services further exemplifies its dedication to ensuring every refugee receives necessary support, regardless of language barriers. Mrs. Nelson reflects on the fulfillment gained from this work, saying, “It’s incredibly fulfilling to know that we’re making a meaningful impact on these individuals’ journeys to a better life in the UK.”

About Barings Law: Established in 2009 and based in Manchester, Barings Law specializes in representing victims of consumer and business mis-selling on a no-win-no-fee basis. The firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and is known for its progressive values and commitment to social welfare causes.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Barings Law and Breaking Barriers is more than just a legal partnership; it’s a testament to the power of compassion and community support in transforming lives. As the holiday season approaches, this initiative brings a message of hope and unity, demonstrating the profound impact businesses can have in making a positive difference in society.

For More Information: To learn more about the initiatives of Barings Law and Breaking Barriers, please visit www.baringslaw.com and www.breaking-barriers.co.uk

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