Trafigura – Connecting the World to Critical Resources

Unveiling the Inner Workings of One of the World's Largest Physical Commodity Trading Groups

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Trafigura is a company that prides itself on its global presence, and this can be felt through its supply chain operations across the world. The company has established itself as one of the world’s leading physical commodity trading groups, and its infrastructure, global network, and skills make it happen.

As a company owned by its employees, Trafigura has been able to develop a unique corporate strategy that puts it in a position of strength within the industry. Trafigura’s presence spans across 48 countries, and with over 13,000 employees, it deploys a vast range of skills and resources that enable it to move commodities effortlessly from one location to another.

Oil & Petroleum Products, Metals & Minerals, and Power & Renewables Divisions

With divisions in Oil & Petroleum, Metals & Minerals, and Power & Renewables, Trafigura is able to offer its expansive network to its customers to meet their demands for a variety of goods. The company’s Oil & Petroleum Products division is responsible for sourcing, refining, and marketing crude oil and refined petroleum products. Its Metals & Minerals division is involved in mining, concentrating, and marketing metals and minerals, while its Power & Renewables division invests in renewable energy infrastructure to support sustainable business practices.

Industrial Assets

Aside from Trafigura’s own divisions, the company also owns and operates several industrial assets like Nyrstar, a multi-metal producer, and Puma Energy, a fuel storage and distribution company. Impala Terminals, a logistics provider, and Nala Renewables, a renewable energy investment and development platform, are two joint ventures that Trafigura has invested in to further its mission.

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Strong Relationships for Efficiency, Security, and Sustainability

Through its global supply chain, Trafigura has built strong relationships with suppliers and consumers that allow them to rely on the company as their trusted partner. The company’s ability to prioritize efficiency, security, and sustainability has made it stand out as one of the industry’s brightest stars, a fact that has not gone unnoticed.

To underline their importance in the industry, Trafigura has received accolades which include the “GTR Best Commodities Finance Provider” award and made it to Forbes’ “Best Large Employers” list.


Trafigura’s presence in the industry is nothing short of astonishing, with its worldwide reach and excellent management structure comprising a workforce of over 13,000. Its unique corporate structure lets its employees own the company truly, which is an incredible feat. Trafigura is a company on a mission to bring about sustainable practices while also meeting the demands of commodity products all over the world. Trafigura is an exciting company with divisions spanning over Oil & Petroleum Products, Metals & Minerals, and Power & Renewables, that will without a doubt play a significant role in shaping the future of these industries.


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