Top Venture Capital Podcasts: Your Guide to Investing Knowledge

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Essential Listening for Aspiring Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Tech Enthusiasts

Key Takeaways:

  • Venture capital (VC) podcasts offer in-depth insights on investing, startups, and emerging technology trends.
  • Industry leaders and experienced investors often feature as guests, providing invaluable advice and perspective.
  • By tuning in, listeners can gain the knowledge required to navigate the complex world of VC and entrepreneurship.

In the fast-paced world of venture capital and tech startups, staying informed is crucial. Podcasts have become an indispensable resource for gaining insights into this complex landscape. Here are the top venture capital podcasts you should be listening to:

1. a16z Podcast

Produced by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, the a16z Podcast dives into tech and culture trends and paints a picture of the future. It’s a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the world where ‘software eats the world.’

2. Alt Goes Mainstream

For a deep dive into alternative investing, tune into Alt Goes Mainstream. This podcast features interviews with industry leaders involved in private equity, venture capital, real estate, crypto, collectibles, and more.

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3. Alternative Thinking

Brought to you by the Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets (CAASA), this podcast explores global and Canadian markets in alternative investments from two unique perspectives.

4. Playing With Unicorns

Playing with Unicorns covers everything you wish you knew when you started as a tech entrepreneur. It’s a weekly show on startups, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.

5. B2B Revenue Acceleration

Dedicated to helping software executives stay ahead of sales and marketing trends, B2B Revenue Acceleration offers strategies for pipeline and revenue acceleration and tactics for demand generation.

6. Business Growth

For hardworking entrepreneurs seeking insights to grow their businesses, Business Growth is a podcast that offers real-life advice and strategies from successful business owners.

7. CFA Society Chicago

CFA Society Chicago presents discussions on a range of topics related to the investment industry. Here, you can learn from leading industry professionals about various investment topics.

8. Conversations with Loulou

Loulou Khazen Baz draws on her two-decade-long career to discuss business, leadership, startups, and technology from a Middle Eastern lens.

9. Distilling Venture Capital

Host Bill Griesinger brings an informed, unbiased, and unique historical perspective to the venture capital and high-tech world.

10. Equity

Equity, produced by TechCrunch, delves into the numbers behind the headlines. Each episode, the hosts unpack the latest happenings in the world of startups, growth, and venture capital.

11. Founders and Funders

A podcast by Alumni Ventures Group, Founders and Funders shares inspiring stories from the field. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs and investors about the ups, downs, and challenges encountered on the startup journey.

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12. Invest Like the Best

Patrick O’Shaughnessy explores the ideas, methods, and stories of people who will help you better invest your time and money. Learn more about your investing process and refine your own investment strategies.

13. Origins – A Podcast about Limited Partners

This podcast explores the unique and often overlooked investors that fuel venture capital. The hosts interview Limited Partners, providing a rare glimpse into the workings of fund finance.

14. The Full Ratchet

This is a must-listen for aspiring venture capitalists. The Full Ratchet is a masterclass in venture capital, where prominent VC investors share their best practices, strategies, and invaluable lessons learned.

15. The Pitch

In each episode, a startup founder pitches their business idea to a live panel of investors. The Pitch delivers on the high-stakes promise of a live pitch without shying away from the nitty-gritty details of what happens after everyone shakes hands and walks out of the room.

16. The Twenty Minute VC

As the world’s largest independent venture capital podcast, The Twenty Minute VC offers quick yet in-depth interviews with the world’s most successful and inspirational VC investors and founders.

17. Venture Stories

A podcast by Village Global, Venture Stories takes you deep into the world of venture capital and technology, featuring enlightening interviews with entrepreneurs, investors and tech industry leaders.

18. Ventured

Ventured, a podcast by the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, offers a candid exploration of the tech industry. The show hosts thought leaders who offer insightful narratives and perspectives on tech innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship.

In the ever-evolving VC and tech world, these podcasts will keep you informed and inspired, whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or just an enthusiast. Stay tuned, stay updated!

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