Top 10 Unrivalled Business Law Practitioners in Sudan: 2023 Edition

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In Sudan, there exists a wide array of brilliant legal minds who have had a vast impact across the General Business Law sector. From senior practitioners with decades of experience to newcomers making their mark on the scene, Sudan’s legal sector showcases an exceptional pool of talent. This article aims to share insights into some of the most relevant and interesting figures within the Sudanese business law landscape, their experience, and their contributions to the industry.

Business law is a critical component of any nation’s economy. It directly impacts every aspect of business operations, from the establishment of companies, daily transactions, contracts, to dispute resolution. It is then no surprise that having competent legal practitioners handling general business law can significantly contribute to the economic progress of a country. Let’s delve into some outstanding figures of this field in Sudan.

All the lawyers featured in this article have had a significant impact in shaping the business law sector in Sudan. Their expert advice and legal services have been instrumental in helping businesses navigate Sudan’s complex legal landscape, driving economic growth in the country.

Abdullah Idris

Abdullah Idris, a sole practitioner at Abdullah Idris & Company Advocates, is not just a lawyer but also an associate professor at the University of Khartoum. Acknowledged as one of Sudan’s leading experts in commercial law, his dual role allows him to impart practical business legal knowledge to budding lawyers.

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Dirdeiry Ahmed

Managing partner at Dirdeiry & Partners, Dirdeiry Ahmed, is celebrated for his remarkable track record in international arbitration. His expertise in dispute resolution makes him an essential asset to the Sudanese business legal industry.

Osman Wanni

Osman Wanni, from the firm of Wanni & Wanni, is a distinguished litigation lawyer with an established corporate and commercial practice. His experience in representing foreign investors from various industries like pharmaceuticals, real estate development, and aviation makes him a seasoned choice for businesses looking to establish or grow their presence in Sudan.

Nafisa Omer

Involving herself in numerous significant matters at the Omer Abdelati Law Firm has led Nafisa Omer to the forefront of Sudan’s business law scene. Besides representing clients in litigation proceedings, she also provides non-contentious support.

Omer Abdelati

With more than half a century of experience, Omer Abdelati, of the Omer Abdelati Law Firm, is a veteran in the business law sector. His comprehensive experience, which includes holding positions as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, speaks volumes of his expertise and influence in the field.

Tayeb Hassabo

As the managing partner at AZTAN Law Firm, Tayeb Hassabo demonstrates over three decades of legal know-how. His proficiency in M&A and commercial contract matters, particularly within the telecoms and oil and gas sectors, is unparalleled.

Omer Ali Abdelrahman

Based in Khartoum at Omer Ali Law Firm, Omer Ali Abdelrahman has built an impressive clientele with several public companies owing to his sound knowledge in commercial contracts, M&A, and joint ventures.

Ali Gailoub

Ali Gailoub of Ali Gailoub & Samia El Hashmi Advocates, based in Khartoum, is praised for his adeptness as a litigation lawyer and his expertise in non-contentious work. Ali Gailoub’s reputation delves far beyond Sudan’s borders, and appeals to both national and international clients.

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Azhari Altraifi

Azhari Altraifi, also at AZTAN Law Firm, is a highly reputed figure in dispute resolution. His diverse experience in handling commercial disputes, combined with specialist expertise in intellectual property and insolvency, has cemented his reputation in Sudan’s legal sector.

Ali Abdelrahman Khalil

Ali Abdelrahman Khalil of Shami, Khalil & Siddig Advocates is not only an accomplished lawyer but also holds an academic position at the University of Khartoum. His significant corporate law expertise is further amplified by his international experience at Freshfields’ London office.

These highly skilled lawyers are advancing the general business law practice in Sudan. Their invaluable contributions are sure to shape the country’s legal landscape, ensuring that Sudan continues to foster a conducive environment for business growth and economic development.

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