Top 10 UK Lawyers Influencing International Personal Injury Defence in Travel

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In an era of rapid globalisation and increasingly accessible international travel, the area of law known as Travel: International Personal Injury (Defendant) is more relevant than ever. Underpinning such all-encompassing subject matter are legal practitioners who have made a name for themselves for their unyielding dedication to their clients, unmatched expertise, and innovative legal strategies. This article highlights some of the UK’s most trusted and respected Travel: International Personal Injury (Defendant) lawyers, taking us into the world of litigation related to road traffic accidents, catastrophic injury claims, and fatal incidents.

The work of these lawyers often includes dealing with complex issues of varying jurisdictions, representing a diverse range of clients from tour operators to insurance companies, and dealing with cases that span across countries and continents. UK-based lawyers acknowledged in this field are widely recognised for their resilience, high-level negotiation skills, and patient dedication to their craft. Let us delve deeper into their achievements.

The following professionals have been hand-picked based on their credentials, level of impact, and continued contribution to the field of International Personal Injury (Defendant). Each has left an indelible mark in this highly specialised area of law, making them worth spotlighting for those seeking representation or simply wishing to learn from the best in the business.

Matthew Ford

Matthew Ford leads the travel group at Clyde & Co LLP, with a special focus on gastric illness cases, road traffic accidents, and various catastrophic injury claims. He is primarily known for representing hotels, tour operators and insurers. Regrettably, a website for Clyde & Co LLP is not available at this moment.

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Joanna McLachlan

An associate partner in the travel team at Plexus Law, Joanna McLachlan has a strong practice assisting defendants in personal injury cases. Her specialty lies in advising tour operators on claims involving catastrophic injuries and fatalities occurring abroad. Unfortunately, there is no website for Plexus Law.

Robin Adams

With an impressive breadth of knowledge in international personal injury, Robin Adams of mb LAW deals with catastrophic injury and group action illness claims. He primarily represents leading tour operators.

Justin Collins

Justin Collins, who handles defendant travel claims at Kennedys, is frequently called upon in matters relating to travel sickness and terrorist attacks. He is recognised for his exceptional legal strategies that serve the best interest of tour operators and travel agents.

Claire Mulligan

Claire Mulligan, who leads the travel practice at Kennedys, is highly regarded for her expertise in international personal injury. Her work involves assisting leading tour operators and insurers in dealing with consequential matters such as inquests, fatal, and catastrophic incidents abroad.

Ian Hopkinson

Ian Hopkinson of mb LAW, heads the firm’s litigation practice. His work primarily involves defending personal injury and fatality claims for tour operators and travel agents.

Craig Evans

Craig Evans, a legal director at Clyde & Co, is mainly involved with claims concerning road traffic accidents, serious illness, and injuries sustained when falling on hotel premises. More of his professional accomplishments can be explored on Clyde & Co.

Sara-Jane Eaton

With fluency in French and German, Sara-Jane Eaton at DWF specialises in liability, jurisdiction, and applicable law in personal injury cases. Her approach is particularly sought after by foreign insurers.

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Michael Gwilliam

Michael Gwilliam, the head of the travel team at Plexus Law, is an esteemed figure in his field, regularly acting for tour operators, airlines, and insurance companies on fatal and catastrophic injury cases. Unfortunately, a website for Plexus Law is not available currently.

Nick Richards

Nick Richards at Weightmans is particularly skilled at aiding insurance clients with serious catastrophic injury claims. His expertise in dealing with jurisdiction and applicable law issues sets him apart.

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