Top 10 UK Counsels in Court of Protection: Health & Welfare Cases

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Within the sphere of the Court of Protection: Health & Welfare, there are numerous proficient and highly-acclaimed lawyers in the UK. They adeptly carry out complex and sensitive tasks, serving the interests of individuals who lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions concerning health and welfare. Let’s dive deep into understanding the work and backgrounds of some of these impressive UK-wide legal advocates who work tirelessly to protect their clients’ rights and welfare.

The Court of Protection plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the lives of those unable to make key decisions about their own welfare, health, finances, or property due to mental incapacity. It is a delicate and sensitive area of law, requiring practitioners to possess comprehensive knowledge, alongside the ability to handle complex emotional and psychological situations. Navigating matters related to such issues as medical treatment, end-of-life disputes, and deprivation of liberty is no easy task, but there are a few standout lawyers who expertly carry out this mission.

This roundup of eminent lawyers in this field will introduce you to their work, affirm their expertise, and possibly provide an avenue for seeking legal support concerning health and welfare cases. Each profile encapsulates the lawyer’s specialities, contributions, and contact information for accessible legal assistance.

1. Anne-Marie Irwin

Anne-Marie Irwin, from Rook Irwin Sweeney, brings vast experience to the table in handling intricate health and welfare matters, which substantially include medical treatment and end-of-life disputes. She is particularly skilled in matters involving assisted dying.

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2. Alex Rook

Partnering with Anne-Marie at Rook Irwin Sweeney, Alex Rook is revered for his expertise and practice in best interest and deprivation of liberty issues regarding residence and care. His prowess extends to advising on community care and disability rights.

3. Yogi Amin

With a robust reputation in handling sensitive Court of Protection and Supreme Court cases, Yogi Amin, working at Irwin Mitchell, is a go-to professional for Section 21A capacity proceedings and medical treatment matters, breaches of the ECHR, and the Human Rights Act.

4. Katie Webber

At Ashfords LLP, Katie Webber specializes in health and welfare proceedings for mentally incapacitated individuals. Her expertise lies in deprivation of liberty challenges, best interest matters, and establishing care packages while also effectively dealing with human rights law cases.

5. Floyd Porter

A legal counselor for Miles & Partners Solicitors, Floyd Porter is known for assisting individuals with mental incapacity issues on deprivation of liberty, care, and residence matters, besides advising family members on deputyship and best interest affairs.

6. Andrew Bowmer

Also from Miles & Partners Solicitors, Andrew Bowmer provides notable counsel on health and welfare proceedings, working proficiently on safeguarding and capacity affairs related to vulnerable adults.

7. Laura Hobey-Hamsher

With an esteemed reputation at Bindmans LLP, Laura Hobey-Hamsher expertly manages delicate welfare and medical treatment matters. She also excels in dealing with capacity affairs related to residence and travel abroad as well as deprivation of liberty circumstances.

8. Alison Kaye

Regularly representing adults lacking capacity in decisions concerning residence and care, Alison Kaye of Switalskis Solicitors, demonstrates depth knowledge in handling complex issues surrounding consent to sexual relations.

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9. Zena Soormally

Zena Soormally, practising independently with no firm website available, is a seasoned practitioner who specialises in Court of Protection cases and aiding clients who lack capacity. Her area of expertise primarily lies in the management of deprivation of liberty cases.

10. Richard N Copson

Rounding off this list, Richard Copson of O’Donnells Solicitors (no firm website available), masters welfare proceedings concerning best interests, deprivation of liberty, and capacity issues. Alongside, he advises judiciously on human rights and community care matters, representing individuals who lack capacity and their families.

These leading practitioners demonstrate an admirable blend of concern for their patients sincerely with their legal acumen, instilling faith in their clients and setting robust precedents in the domain of Court of Protection: Health & Welfare.

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