Top 10 Trendsetter Employment Lawyers in Czech Republic 2023 Explained

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The legal landscape in Czech Republic casts a wide net, offering a myriad of experts specialized in different facets of the law. Among the most compelling practices is the field of employment law. Today, we’ll be introducing you to some of the notable employment lawyers in Czech Republic. From home office policies to HR restructurings, these lawyers can provide the guidance and expert services needed for your individual or business needs.

Legal professionals in this field handle multiple aspects ranging from contract negotiations, due diligence, cross-border employee engagement, termination of employees to GDPR compliance. As such, whether you’re looking to understand tax-related employment issues or navigate complex terminations, there’s an expert that can provide the support you need.

As we venture into the profiles of these esteemed lawyers, it’s important to note that they operate with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Let’s get to know ten remarkable employment lawyers based in Czech Republic, their firms, and the services they offer.

Barbora Suchá

Barbora Suchá operates from Ernst & Young, offering a robust employment practice. She brings to the table specialist knowledge of tax-related employment matters. Her advisory areas also include home office policies, transfer of employees, due diligence, and terminations.

Iva Bilinská

Part of Noerr, advokátní kancelá, Iva Bilinská holds a notable practice in cross-border employee engagement, HR and other employment documentation. Among her specialties are merger-related employment law and employee benefits.

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Veronika Odrobinová

With GT Legal, Veronika Odrobinová offers a wealth of experience in contract negotiations, complex terminations, immigration, redundancies, and other disputes, solidifying her place in the field of employment law.

Tereza Landwehrmann

Tereza Landwehrmann, a sole practitioner, covers a range of employment areas, including GDPR issues, internal directives and employment documentation. Furthermore, she assists with terminations and the engagement of high-level employees.

Tomáš Procházka

AegisLaw’s Tomáš Procházka is a highly regarded employment practitioner with extensive experience in both transactional and contentious mandates. He has appeared before the Constitutional Court and handles matters concerning GDPR compliance, collective dismissal procedures, investigations, and termination disputes.

Petra Sochorová

Operating from Noerr, advokátní kancelář, Petra Sochorová advises both domestic and international clients. Her range of expertise covers investigations, transfer of employees, onboarding of specialists, and preparation of internal documents.

Tereza Erényi

A part of PRK Partners, Tereza Erényi plays a pivotal role in trade union matters and employment litigation, exhibitng a firm foothold in these areas.

Eva Procházková

A member of Weinhold Legal, Eva Procházková is an experienced employment lawyer who serves leading international and domestic clients. Her advice spans a variety of topics including termination of employment contracts, GDPR matters, employment litigation, collective bargaining, and home office-related concerns.

Matěj Daněk

Also part of PRK Partners, Matěj Daněk boasts a robust practice, often advising on employee immigration permits and automatic transfers. His experience extends to advising on employment aspects of foreign investments.

Tomáš Bílek

Operating from Dentons, Tomáš Bílek serves as a critical voice in employment law. He frequently advises employers on HR restructurings, termination matters, internal disciplinary actions and also represents clients in court settings.

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To conclude, each of these lawyers manifests stellar expertise in their respective domains, backed by a wealth of experience, showcasing the depth and breadth of the employment law field in Czech Republic. Their work continues to shape the way businesses operate and bolster the protection of employee rights within the country.

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