Top 10 Trending Arbitration Lawyers Influencing Brazil’s Dispute Resolution in 2023

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Arbitration as a dispute resolution method is growing in popularity in Brazil, and the country is home to several prominent lawyers who specialize in this field. While everyone is familiar with the likes of Lewandowski and Barroso, there are many more unsung heroes with the technical knowledge and competence to drive a fair resolution. Here’s presenting some of the brightest legal minds in Brazil who have garnered recognition in the field of Dispute Resolution: Arbitration.

These lawyers work with top-tier law firms and have demonstrated exceptional skills in handling arbitration disputes both domestically and internationally, dealing with complex cases and providing high-quality service to their clients. The lawyers profiled below have received positive feedback from their clients, reflecting their commitment, competence and expertise in arbitration as a means of dispute resolution.

It’s worth mentioning that arbitration being a rather niche field, the professionals need to cultivate significant expertise, keeping themselves updated with constantly changing regulations and best practices. They are the high-potential legal practitioners, promising to live up to the expectations of clients and peers with their comprehensive skill sets and ever-evolving knowledge about arbitration practice.

Cesar Pereira

Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini, one of Brazil’s top-notch law firms, is home to Cesar Pereira, a partner specializing in Arbitration. Insiders describe him as highly efficient, attuned to details, and blessed with superior technical knowledge.

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Fabio Peixinho Gomes Corrêa

Working with Tauil & Chequer Advogados and Mayer Brown, Fabio Peixinho Gomes Corrêa is a trusted partner possessing excellent arbitration skills coursing through both domestic and international boundaries. He is known for his technical knowledge and unwavering commitment.

Lucas Britto Mejias

At TozziniFreire Advogados, Lucas Britto Mejias is making waves in arbitration with his organized and clear approach. His clients find him to be a strong partner who instils confidence with a high level of clarity and objectivity.

Hugo Tubone Yamashita

A diligent associate-to-watch at Lobo de Rizzo Advogados, Hugo Tubone Yamashita has earned the admiration of clients and peers alike for his proactive and agile approach to arbitration.

Fernando Eduardo Serec

With an impressive resume of both domestic and international cases, Fernando Eduardo Serec from TozziniFreire Advogados is a seasoned arbitration expert and litigation practitioner. Clients particularly admire his serenity in handling complex procedures.

Vânia Wongtschowski Kleiman

Vânia Wongtschowski Kleiman, a partner at Wongtschowski Kleiman Advogados, is reputed for her carefulness, focus, and dedication to her arbitration practice, which spans across international territories.

Renato Stephan Grion

Renato Stephan Grion from Pinheiro Neto Advogados has carved a niche for himself as an adept arbitration practitioner. He is known for his ability to handle complex cases and deliver quality results in international courts.

Gustavo Santos Kulesza

The up-and-coming Gustavo Santos Kulesza at BMA – Barbosa, Müssnich, Aragão has made a mark handling arbitrations related to corporate disputes. Clients highly commend his analytical intelligence and business acumen.

Rafael Soares

Rafael Soares from Lefosse Advogados is an associate-to-watch in Brazil’s arbitration scene. His detail-oriented approach and rigorous effort in every case have won him the trust of clients.

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Carlos David Albuquerque Braga

Carlos David Albuquerque Braga, a partner at Cescon, Barrieu, Flesch & Barreto Advogados, is an expert in M&A-related disputes with a commendable speed in providing competent responses. His ability to handle international arbitrations is highly praised by his clients.

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