Top 10 Trailblazing Shipping Finance Lawyers Influencing China’s International Maritime Business

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The China shipping finance legal scene is flooded with talents who consistently deliver top-tier services for a variety of clientele. From advising banks, leasing companies to assisting in sale and leaseback deals, restructuring, and refinancing issues, these lawyers are experts in the field of Shipping: Finance (International firms). Below, are some of the prominent lawyers in this space. Their achievements and contributions to the industry have created strong impacts, often weaving complex legal and financial threads to ensure clients’ best interests.

The article provides an overview of these exceptional lawyers and their areas of expertise. Please note that while this list covers some of the most notable names in the sector, it by no means exhaustive. A range of other highly qualified, experienced professionals are also practising in the arena of shipping finance law in China.

The following collection presents each lawyer by name, firm, field of expertise and a brief description of their background and professional focus. It aims to provide an introduction to the leading legal experts in the field, showcasing their extensive knowledge of the shipping finance industry and its associated legal aspects.

Madeline Leong

Madeline Leong is associated with Watson Farley & Williams, handling various clients including banks and leasing companies. She is well versed and has a solid background in shipping finance matters, based in the firm`s Hong Kong office. Despite her firm’s website not being available, her industry contributions are well noted.

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Conor Warde

Conor Warde is a key figure in CMS renowned for his strong capacity in shipping finance practice. He provides expertise to financial leasing houses, shipping companies, and ship owners on sale and leaseback deals, sale and purchase of ships, restructuring, and refinancing issues.

Hongkai Zhou

Hongkai Zhou, a co-head at Stephenson Harwood, has a vast understanding of asset finance. He is involved in contracts of affreightment, ship sales, and leasing agreements – proving invaluable to Chinese policy banks and financial leasing companies.

David J Beaves

David J Beaves is a well-established lawyer in Ince with significant experience in the shipping finance arena. He has demonstrated extensive expertise in handling joint ventures and a broad range of sale and purchase transactions in the shipping sector.

Christoforos Bisbikos

At Watson Farley & Williams, Christoforos Bisbikos has acquired over 16 years of experience in handling cross-border shipping finance mandates for lenders and lessors. His services have greatly benefitted clients like Standard Chartered Bank and China Huarong Shipping Financial Leasing, especially in relation to Europe.

Peter Lee

Peter Lee from Reed Smith Richards Butler LLP is known for his extensive experience in shipping finance matters, including sale and purchase, financing and joint ventures, recovery of distressed assets, and restructuring matters.

Maggie C K Cheung

Maggie C K Cheung at Mayer Brown has made a name as a leading ship finance lawyer through her work for international and Chinese policy banks and financial institutions. She has handled high-value cross-border mandates regarding syndicated loans, sale and leaseback transactions and finance structures, attracting instructions from Chinese leasing companies and ship owners.

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Elton Chan

Elton Chan, also from Stephenson Harwood, is highly recommended for his experience in ship financing matters like securing loan facilities for vessel acquisitions. He regularly acts for banks and financial leasing houses.

Gary Wong

A seasoned practitioner from Ince, Gary Wong provides comprehensive advice on a broad range of shipping finance matters. He is often mandated by shipping companies, banks, and leasing companies for matters including restructuring, loan facilities, and sale and purchase of vessels.

Janice Lee

The final addition to our Chinese Shipping: Finance (International Firms) lawyers’ line-up is Janice Lee, also at Ince. She regularly assists leasing companies, shipping companies, and ship owners with issues relating to syndicated leasings and sale and leaseback transactions.

The continuous and vigorous efforts of these legal minds have significantly shaped the shipping finance sector in China. They have displayed an unwavering ability to navigate and understand the intricate legal and financial dimensions of the shipping industry, thereby providing top-notch services to their clients.

This professional directory list has encapsulated the best of the best when it comes to shipping finance law in China – experts who have carved their niche with dedication, hard work, knowledge, and expertise.

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