Top 10 Trailblazing General Business Law Lawyers in Jamaica for 2023

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Business law is highly critical for owners on their journey to establishment and growth, from the initial start-up to potentially selling the business. It involves every aspect of a business, including its formation, compliance, mergers and acquisition and more. Jamaica, for instance, has an impressive lineup of business law lawyers, each heavily reliable in their area of expertise. Along with an understanding of local and national laws, these professionals boast a deep understanding of commerce, market trends, and industry niches. This article highlights the notable business law lawyers in Jamaica, whose services are sought-after for their exceptional legal counsel and representation strategies.

Apart from their impressive career milestones, these legal professionals contribute to creating an environment where businesses thrive by promoting good governance and ethical business practices. They are well-versed in all aspects of business law including tax, real estate, banking, merger & acquisition, pensions and more. Their cumulative expertise shapes the Jamaica business landscape, guiding businesses towards comprehensive compliance and strategic thinking in line with their sector.

Whether you are a business entity seeking legal guidance or a law enthusiast looking to understand the scope of business law, the following profiles offer an in-depth understanding into Jamaica’s vibrant law scene. Read on and meet the exceptional lawyers who help shape Jamaica’s thriving business landscape.

Lynda Mair, Patterson Mair Hamilton

Website: Patterson Mair Hamilton

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Lynda Mair is a highly regarded corporate lawyer with notable strength in real estate mandates. Mair’s proficiency extends to property development, conveyancing and capital raising. As a well-recognised litigator, she acts on a variety of contentious issues in the market.

Topaz L. M. Johnson, DunnCox

Website: DunnCox

Topaz Johnson shines in the legal landscape for her work in commercial banking matters and is experienced in providing legal advice in financing matters. As an increasingly prominent lawyer, Johnson’s contributions in the business law arena cannot be overstated.

Hugh C Hart, Hart Muirhead Fatta

Website: Hart Muirhead Fatta

The seasoned Hugh Hart is a powerhouse in the Jamaican market. He is known for his extensive knowledge of mining, having previously acted as Minister of Mining and Energy. Additionally, Hart advises on tax and real estate issues, providing comprehensive service to his clients.

Janet Morrison, Hart Muirhead Fatta

Website: Hart Muirhead Fatta

Well-regarded lawyer Janet Morrison comprises considerable experience in conveyancing, lease negotiations and private equity transactions. She also demonstrates a strong practice in M&A and bond issuances. Juggling various legal threads, Morrison leaves no stone unturned to ensure her clients receive stellar representation.

Gina Phillipps Black, Myers, Fletcher & Gordon

Website: Myers, Fletcher & Gordon

Heading the firm’s commercial department is Gina Phillipps Black. Black is well versed in finance, including regulation, banking and tax compliance. Her skills also stretch to M&A and project development, making her legal counsel invaluable to various business streams.

Lance L Hylton, Hylton & Hylton Attorneys-at-Law

Website: Hylton & Hylton Attorneys-at-Law

Leading the commercial department at Hylton & Hylton Attorneys-at-Law is Lance Hylton. Recognized for his appearances on significant mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings and financial transactions, Hylton stands out in Jamaica’s business law theatre.

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Jerome I Lee, DunnCox

Website: DunnCox

Another notable name is Jerome Lee. Lee lays out an impressive practice, being especially effective at finance mandates and conveyancing. His strengths are further enriched in project finance, acquisitions and financial loans, serving a diverse client base including tech companies and insurance brokers.

Richard Ayoub, Clinton Hart & Co

Website: Clinton Hart & Co

Richard Ayoub stands as a respected figure in the Jamaican commercial law landscape. Handling various corporate and commercial matters for his clients, Ayoub also specializes in conveyancing and trusts making him a holistic business legal advisory.

Sanya M. Goffe, Hart Muirhead Fatta

Website: Hart Muirhead Fatta

Sanya Goffe is an in-demand lawyer with a growing profile. Her proficiency runs the gamut of corporate matters including M&A, with a special focus on pensions. Adding to her credentials, Goffe is also the sitting president of the Pension Industry Association of Jamaica.

Noel Levy, Myers, Fletcher & Gordon

Website: Myers, Fletcher & Gordon

Last but not least, Noel Levy. As a longstanding lawyer, Levy enriches the business landscape with his extensive experience of commercial transactions, providing consultation, most notable on tax law.

The wealth of expertise these lawyers bring into Jamaica’s business law sphere catalyzes a dynamic business environment. Their remarkable insights and strategic counsel not only help businesses wade through the legal complexities but also mitigate risk, foster compliance and ignite strategic growth while adhering to the legal realm.

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