Top 10 Swiss Investment Funds Lawyers to Watch in 2023

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Switzerland is synonymous with financial prowess and precision, a feature that extends to its legal field, and particularly the area of investment funds. The industry is populated by top-tier lawyers who are renowned for their expertise in the sector, their profound understanding of the regulatory landscape and their strategic legal advice that complements clients’ business objectives. This article shines the spotlight on some of these exceptional legal minds, providing an overview of their background and their contributions to the investment funds industry.

Each of these lawyers brings a unique perspective to the table, bolstered by their years of experience and the diversified needs of the clients they have dealt with. Moreover, their knowledge base is continually updated to ensure they stay abreast of the ever-evolving changes in the industry and regulatory terrain. Their expertise is not only affirmed by their clients but also recognized within the legal community, as seen in their professional accomplishments and rankings.

In a world where the legal landscape is continually mutating and where the rules of the game can change overnight, these lawyers provide a solid anchor to their clients, guiding them with their in-depth knowledge of investment funds and regulatory compliance. Let’s take a closer look at who these lawyers are and their unique offerings.

Pierre-Olivier Etique

Firm: 373 Avocats & Associés
Pierre-Olivier Etique has carved a niche for himself in handling various regulatory mandates, particularly in relation to licensing. Banking litigation, financing transactions, contract drafting are also domains in which he assists his clients.

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Armin Kuehne

Firm: Kellerhals Carrard
Armin Kuehne is known for his prowess in the structuring and incorporation of funds, wielding his legal acumen to ensure great outcomes for his clients.

Stefan D Naegeli

Firm: Naegeli & Partners Attorneys at Law Ltd
Stephan Naegeli specializes in advice on collective investment schemes and asset manager regulations, satisfying clients with his depth of understanding and result-oriented approach.

Urs Hofer

Firm: Walder Wyss Ltd
Urs Hofer has been instrumental in assisting banks and asset managers with ESG strategies and prospectus drafting while advising on regulatory and compliance issues and excelling in matters involving exchange-traded funds.

Olivier Stahler

Firm: Lenz & Staehelin
Olivier Stahler enjoys popularity with asset managers for advice on Swiss financial regulations, licensing and regulatory authorizations, and registration of UCITS funds.

Luca Bianchi

Firm: Kellerhals Carrard
Luca Bianchi provides critical insights on regulatory questions and guides asset managers on fund structuring, receiving consistently positive feedback from his clients.

Dominik Oberholzer

Firm: Kellerhals Carrard
Dominik Oberholzer is considered an authority on matters relating to regulatory requirements for funds and fund managers, attributed to his immense experience in the sector.

François Rayroux

Firm: Lenz & Staehelin
François Rayroux is highly esteemed by international asset managers for his work on regulatory topics, particularly relating to FINMA registrations and licensing applications. His experience with pensions funds and ESG criteria sets him apart.

Christoph Steiner

Firm: Naegeli & Partners Attorneys at Law Ltd
Christoph Steiner offers reliable advice on fund distribution and asset manager registration.

Antoine Amiguet

Antoine Amiguet assists banks and asset managers with the distribution of funds and the launch of new fund structures, with a proven track record involving real estate and pension funds.

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In conclusion, these legal minds represent the top echelon of the investment funds field in Switzerland. Each lawyer brings a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and practical skills to the table, propelling the industry forward with their unwavering commitment to their clients and the profession.

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