Top 10 Serbian Intellectual Property Lawyers Bolstering Key Industry Growth

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Serbia is home to many exceptional intellectual property lawyers who specialize in various aspects of IP law. These lawyers have made significant contributions to the field and are well-respected within the legal community. In this article, we will showcase some of the most interesting IP lawyers in Serbia and highlight their expertise and achievements.

Vuk Sekulic – Milojević, Sekulić & Associates

Vuk Sekulic is a highly skilled IP lawyer at Milojević, Sekulić & Associates. His practice focuses on trade mark prosecution, copyright infringement cases, and domain name disputes. With years of experience in the industry, Vuk has successfully represented clients in complex IP matters. To learn more about Vuk Sekulic and his firm, visit their website.

Vladimir Marenović – Zivko Mijatovic & Partners

Vladimir Marenović, a lawyer at Zivko Mijatovic & Partners, specializes in trade mark infringement cases and cross-border mandates. He has a deep understanding of IP law and is known for his strategic approach to legal challenges. To find out more about Vladimir Marenović and his firm, visit their website.

Katarina Kostić – Popović, Popović & Partners

Katarina Kostić is a highly regarded IP lawyer at Popović, Popović & Partners. She is well-versed in patent infringement and enforcement and has garnered strong market support for her expertise. Clients rely on her advice and guidance in navigating complex IP matters. To learn more about Katarina Kostić and her firm, visit their website.

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Bogdan Ivanišević – BDK Advokati

Bogdan Ivanišević, a lawyer at BDK Advokati, handles a wide range of IP mandates, including copyright and trade mark registration and protection. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Bogdan successfully represents clients in various IP disputes. For more information about Bogdan Ivanišević and his firm, visit their website.

Andrea Radonjanin – Moravčević Vojnović and Partners in cooperation with Schoenherr

Andrea Radonjanin, affiliated with Moravčević Vojnović and Partners in cooperation with Schoenherr, is highly experienced in handling a wide range of IP matters, particularly copyright infringement cases. She is also adept at managing the IP portfolios of international clients. To find out more about Andrea Radonjanin and her firm, visit their website.

Milos Bogdanovic – Milojević, Sekulić & Associates

Milos Bogdanovic, another talented lawyer at Milojević, Sekulić & Associates, specializes in trade mark enforcement, copyright infringements, and counterfeiting issues. With his expertise, Milos assists clients in protecting and enforcing their IP rights. To learn more about Milos Bogdanovic and his firm, visit their website.

Nikola Kliska – Karanovic & Partners

Nikola Kliska, a lawyer at Karanovic & Partners, handles various IP mandates, including trade mark registration, portfolio management, and IP disputes. He represents significant clients across industries such as retail and technology. To find out more about Nikola Kliska and his firm, visit their website.

Mihajlo Zatezalo – PETOŠEVIĆ

Mihajlo Zatezalo advises a diverse client portfolio of multinational companies on a range of IP matters. He specializes in trade mark litigation and enforcement cases. Clients rely on his expertise to protect their IP assets effectively. For more information about Mihajlo Zatezalo and his firm, visit their website.

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Dejan Bogdanović – Mikijelj, Janković & Bogdanović

Dejan Bogdanović is a specialist in patent infringement and trade mark applications, representing clients in the pharmaceutical, technology, and food and beverages industries. Clients value his in-depth knowledge and strategic advice in protecting their IP rights. To learn more about Dejan Bogdanović and his firm, visit their website.

Mara Janković – Mikijelj, Janković & Bogdanović

Mara Janković has an extensive practice that encompasses trade mark and design cases, particularly trade mark registration, licensing requirements, and infringement disputes. Her expertise is highly valued by clients seeking comprehensive IP advice. To find out more about Mara Janković and her firm, visit their website.

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