Top 10 Powerhouse Litigators Transforming US Maritime Law: A Nationwide Review

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The maritime industry is a complex and dynamic area of business, navigating through a myriad of laws and regulations. At the heart of this industry, expert legal professionals drive critical decisions and high-stakes negotiations, shaping the landscape of shipping and maritime litigation across the nation. This article showcases some of the top transportation: shipping/maritime: litigation lawyers outside New York, providing a glimpse into their incredible expertise, achievements, and contributions to this field.

We delve into the work of these remarkable attorneys, discussing their backgrounds, specialty areas, and how they have made a significant impact within the maritime sector. As we explore the efforts of these notable legal professionals, it becomes evident how their expertise fuels the resolution of disputes and the progression of the industry. Their understanding of the intricacies of maritime laws makes these lawyers invaluable assets to their respective firms and clientele.

Let’s draw the curtains back and introduce these distinguished legal professionals, discuss their contributions, and examine their track record in dealing with some of the most intricate legal issues that arise in the sea of maritime business.

Samuel A Keesal Jr. – Keesal, Young & Logan PC

With an exceptional background in product liability litigation, Samuel A Keesal Jr. is a seasoned shipping lawyer focusing on the cruise industry. He has successfully navigated the turbulent waters of maritime space, advising a broad array of clients. His commanding presence in the industry has earned him a stellar reputation.

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Antonio J Rodriguez – Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP

Regarded highly for his comprehensive range of expertise, Antonio J Rodriguez stands as a beacon for P&I clubs, vessel owners, and energy companies. He resolves intricate disputes involving product liability and insurance coverage. Notably, his peers and clients herald him as a very experienced and well thought-of lawyer.

Michael Bell – Blank Rome LLP

Advising clients on multiple maritime casualties including sinkings, collisions, fires, and explosions, Michael Bell is a seasoned shipping litigator. Throughout his impressive career, he has proven to be a robust legal professional. Regrettably, Michael’s law firm does not possess an official website.

John D Giffin – Keesal, Young & Logan PC

With vast experience in handling cargo claims, marine casualties, and oil spills, John D Giffin stands tall in representing vessel owners, charterers, and managers. His work with state and federal trial and appellate courts is highly commendable.

Charles G De Leo – De Leo & Kuylenstierna P.A

Charles G De Leo is a well-respected law professional with vast experience in dealing with a wide range of shipping disputes. His understanding of maritime casualties, natural resource damages, and maritime personal injury claims allows him to regularly act for vessel owners, operators, and P&I clubs.

Andrew Port – Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP

Andrew Port’s deep-rooted experience as a litigator is highly recognized in the maritime industry. Handling the full range of sector disputes with a strong hand, Andrew makes his mark in wet and dry shipping matters. His expertise in marine personal injury and toxic tort stands commendable. Check out his firm’s website here.

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James Hurley – Fowler White Burnett PA

With a profound understanding of shipping and maritime law procedures, James Hurley provides excellent guidance in regulatory compliance and dispute resolution. He has an extensive sector experience that includes purchasing and financing of vessels, property damage claims, and personal injury issues.

Keith B Letourneau – Blank Rome LLP

Keith B Letourneau provides insightful guidance on maritime collisions, vessel arrests, and insurance coverage disputes. Known for his practical approach to resolving real-world situations, Keith earns high praise from his peers and clients. Unfortunately, his law firm does not have an official website.

Joseph A Walsh II – Collier Walsh Nakazawa LLP

Actively advising on environmentally related litigation, Joseph A Walsh II maintains a broad range shipping practice. He is known as the go-to attorney for multinational shipping companies and has an outstanding reputation. Unfortunately, Joseph’s law firm does not operate an official website.

David Reisman – Liskow

Last but not least, David Reisman brings substantial experience in handling contentious issues in maritime space. His background with a salvor adds to his credibility as an incredible attorney. Well-known for his listening skills and sound advice, check out David’s firm’s website here.

The invaluable efforts of these remarkable legal professionals undoubtedly navigate the course of the maritime industry, impacting its growth and progression significantly. Their outstanding work serves as a strong anchor, providing stability and balanced resolutions in a sea of legal complexities.

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