Top 10 Powerhouse Environmental Lawyers Shaping Massachusetts’ Future in 2023

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As environmental law continues to gain traction in today’s ever-conscious society, the role of attorneys specialized in the field cannot be overemphasized. These advocates work tirelessly to mitigate environmental disputes, establish legal frameworks for sustainable practices, and advocate for policies that promote environmental protection. In this vein, Massachusetts stands at the forefront of legal prowess in environmental practice with highly skilled professionals making significant contributions. In this article, we will highlight ten well-respected environmental lawyers in Massachusetts, delving into their careers, credentials, and impacts on the industry.

These attorneys come from various legal settings, ranging from small-scale firms to international legal conglomerates. Each has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge in environmental law combined with practical skills in solving complicated environmental issues. They have earned their peers’ respect, consistently ranking high in client satisfaction and results-oriented legal service delivery.

Our selection cuts across those with well-established practices and the industry’s rising stars, all creating a significant impact in their unique capacities. The profiles provided offer a sneak peek into their expertise, industry trust, and client sentiments, painting a vivid picture of their professional personas. Without further ado, let’s delve into these top environmental lawyers in Massachusetts:

Lisa Goodheart

Based out of Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, PC, Lisa Goodheart’s environmental practice has gained rave reviews from her clients. Renowned for her counsel on high-profile disputes and strength in contamination and Superfund areas, she is a respected figure in the Massachusetts’ environmental law scene.

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Ned Abelson

Ned Abelson, at Goulston & Storrs, is noted for his expertise in environmental law and exceptional client service. His advice on brownfields redevelopment and transactions has helped clients make informed decisions on technical matters. His peers describe him as highly expert, sophisticated, responsive, and pleasurable to work with.

Michael Leon

Over at Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP, Michael Leon has created a thriving practice and built an extensive client base. Known for his knowledge and practical insight, especially on wastewater and wetlands matters, Leon continues to be an excellent adviser in environmental law.

Robert D. Cox Jr

Robert Cox at Bowditch & Dewey LLP is known for his industry leadership and top-notch client service. His advisories cover a wide range of issues, including CAA and CWA matters, and environmental enforcement & compliance, making him a high-profile leader in the environmental bar.

Kathleen Brill

Kathleen Brill from Foley Hoag LLP is lauded for her hard work and focus on providing high-quality services to clients. She often advises on transactional matters and is recognized as a fantastic environment attorney, known for her articulate and steadfast approach.

Colin Van Dyke

Colin Van Dyke, practicing at Anderson & Kreiger LLP, is commended for his successful practice encapsulating compliance and cleanup issues. Clients appreciate his pragmatism and his natural ability to work well with anyone, making him one of the most favorite attorneys to work with.

Marc Goldstein

Marc Goldstein of Beveridge & Diamond PC has earned recognition for his skills in environmental disputes. His abilities in litigation, negotiation, and a commercially-focused attitude continually impress his clients and peers alike.

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Bonnie Heiple

Bonnie Heiple, practicing at WilmerHale, is an emerging star specializing in natural resources and environmental matters. Praised for her excellence and professionalism, Heiple can effectively operate at both the state and federal levels, bringing a high level of expertise to her clients.

Leigh A. Gilligan

Leigh Gilligan of Sullivan & Worcester has built a remarkable reputation handling environmental issues stemming from real estate developments. Gilligan’s profound knowledge of environmental matters continues to serve her clients well, earning her high praises in the industry.

Thomas Mackie

Thomas Mackie, a part of the Burns & Levinson LLP team, is highly regarded for his expertise in solid waste issues. Mackie’s balanced approach, practicality, and excellent outcomes for clients have made him a sought-after practitioner in the field.

These individuals are shining examples of the kind of impact environmental lawyers can make in this critical field. Their unwavering commitment and expertise uphold Massachusetts’ legal community’s standards and secure the state’s place as a leader in environmental legal practice.

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