Top 10 Pioneering Corporate Lawyers Shaping Lithuania’s Commercial Landscape in 2023

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Lithuania has a vibrant corporate and commercial law market, home to a slew of talented lawyers influencing the global sphere of corporate law with their expertise and innovative perspective. Their profound understanding of Lithuania’s unique geopolitical and economic landscape contributes to their ability to advise clients on multi-jurisdictional transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Here are some of the country’s most interesting corporate and commercial lawyers who have left a significant mark in the industry.

These legal professionals, with their pool of knowledge and experience, advise clients in large-scale transactions and significant deals, shaping the success stories of businesses within various industries, and creating a positive impact on Lithuania’s legal and business landscape.

Their brilliant insights into the corporate sector, keen interest in the law, and a knack for problem-solving make them worthy of celebration. In this piece, we take a look at their career and contributions to the business law landscape of Lithuania.

Robert Juodka – PRIMUS

Robert Juodka is a valued figure in the Lithuanian corporate law market, representing clients in transactions and advising on liquidation processes. His advisory extends to call option agreements and structure changes as well.

Eugenija Sutkienė – TGS Baltic

Eugenija Sutkienė is a seasoned lawyer in the market with a particular grip on corporate matters within the life sciences sector. With a wealth of experience under her belt, she has maintained a sterling reputation in the industry.

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Elijus Burgis – COBALT

Known for his active approach to advising clients in significant transactions, Elijus Burgis often consults private equity funds on deals within sectors such as finance and healthcare. He is also known for his expertise on cross-jurisdictional transactions.

Laimonas Skibarka – Sorainen

Laimonas Skibarka is a celebrated veteran in the field, recognized for representing clients in large investment deals. He navigates through a variety of industry sectors with ease and is an expert in cross-border deals.

Sergej Butov – Sorainen

Sergej Butov is an esteemed lawyer, noted for his expertise in handling high-value cross-border transactions, particularly in the energy sector. His understanding of industry dynamics plays a crucial role in his impressive portfolio.

Robertas Čiočys – Ellex Valiunas

With his expertise in overseeing transactions related to acquisitions, Robertas Čiočys often represents domestic corporations, private equity firms, and venture capital clients. His knowledge of the nuances of corporate law has earned him recognition in Lithuania.

Dovilė Burgienė – WALLESS

Dovilė Burgienė is a widely respected M&A lawyer who actively handles a variety of work on M&A deals. Her areas of expertise include joint ventures and commercial negotiations, representing a wide range of clients.

Paulius Gruodis – Ellex Valiunas

Paulius Gruodis is experienced in handling large-scale transactions and advising on international M&A matters. He often represents corporations and individuals seeking professional law council.

Marius Matonis – TGS Baltic

Marius Matonis, an accomplished M&A lawyer, mainly focuses on high-value cross-border transactions. Clients come to him for his expertise on mergers and joint venture matters.

Rolandas Valiūnas – Ellex Valiunas

Based at Ellex Valiunas, Rolandas Valiūnas has a wealth of experience in advising on all aspects of cross-border transactions. He has made a significant impact in the sector by meticulously handling each client’s case.

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