Top 10 Noteworthy Real Estate Lawyers Dominating Portugal’s Property Sphere 2023

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The real estate market in Portugal has been in a steady rise over the recent years. As such, the demand for proficient real estate lawyers has increased considerably. These legal professionals offer guidance in areas ranging from property acquisitions, sales to project developments and much more. A few of these lawyers have distinguished themselves in the real estate industry due to their extensive experience, outstanding industry reputation and their ability to handle complex transactions. Here we focus on some noteworthy real estate lawyers in Portugal whose contribution to the industry is greatly recognized.

Before we delve into their individual profiles, it is also necessary to understand the value and role of a real estate lawyer. Their function cannot be undermined in investments, particularly in an area as critical and capital-intensive as real estate. Real estate lawyers provide an essential service in a plethora of real estate transactions. Failing to engage them might lead to costly mistakes that could have been avoided. As such, the role of a real estate lawyer cannot be overstated.

Now let’s meet these outstanding individuals, where we’ll explore their contributions to the industry, their firm’s web links and their background information.

Jorge Salvador Gonçalves (Garrigues)

Jorge Salvador Gonçalves stands out as an expert, renowned for handling complex sales, acquisitions and refinancing matters. Representing esteemed property developers, insurers and domestic banks, Gonçalves has made a significant mark in the real estate industry in Portugal. To learn more about his work, visit Garrigues.

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Miguel Marques dos Santos (VdA)

Working with VdA, Miguel Marques dos Santos has made a name for himself with his exceptional ability to advise on intricate real estate acquisitions and project developments. He aids a prominent list of asset managers and real estate funds which places him in high regard in the industry. Visit VdA for more information.

Tiago Mendonça de Castro (Abreu Advogados)

Tiago Mendonça de Castro is recognized for his exemplary work in real estate transactional work. Assisting well-known retailers and property investors, he exemplifies the role of a real estate lawyer. Click here for more details.

Pedro Pinto (pbbr – Sociedade de Advogados, RL)

Expertly advising on real estate investments and divestments as well as joint venture agreements, Pedro Pinto has made substantial contributions to the industry. To learn more about his work, visit pbbr – Sociedade de Advogados, RL.

Francisco Lino Dias (PLMJ)

Specializing in the acquisition and sale of real estate assets and development plans, Francisco Lino Dias is another well-regarded figure in the industry, offering expert advice to real estate investors and asset managers. More information can be found on the PLMJ website.

Rita Alarcão Júdice (PLMJ)

Rita Alarcão Júdice boasts substantial experience in real estate matters, primarily those that involve corporate aspects. She has a sparkling track record in sales, agreements and large developments. You can read more about her work here.

Rita Xavier de Brito (Uría Menéndez – Proença de Carvalho)

Rita Xavier de Brito is an expert in transactional real estate matters, assisting property investors and asset managers in navigating complex transactions. Learn more about her contribution to the field here.

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Francisco da Cunha Ferreira (Uría Menéndez – Proença de Carvalho)

Being a new addition to the rankings this year, Francisco da Cunha Ferreira is quickly gaining recognition in the industry. With his expertise in assisting with real estate transactions, he showcases his talent in the field. Visit Uría Menéndez – Proença de Carvalho to learn more about his work.

Miguel Menezes Silva (Garrigues)

At Garrigues, Miguel Menezes Silva’s versatility in dealing with real estate acquisitions, purchases, and sales of real estate portfolios is highly sought after. He regularly aids asset managers and banks, thus affirming his strong foothold in the industry. Learn more about him here.

Duarte Garin (Uría Menéndez – Proença de Carvalho)

Finally, Duarte Garin, co-leading the real estate practice at Uría Menéndez, remains a prestigious figure in the market. His wide array of experience covers high-value real estate transactional work, earning him great respect in the industry. More details about his outstanding work can be found here.

In conclusion, these lawyers are making impactful strides in the Portuguese real estate market with their knowledge and expertise. Whether assisting high-value transactions or advising on investment strategies, they offer invaluable resources in a crucial business area, enabling successful transactions and fostering a healthier real estate market environment in Portugal.

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