Top 10 Most Influential Swiss Arbitrators Driving Industry Standards in 2023

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Switzerland continues to be a hub for arbitration, holding a number of exceptional arbitrators who have distinguished themselves in this field. This article showcases some of the top arbitrators in Switzerland, shedding light on their careers, expertise, and their contributions to the law industry. With a vast repertoire of skills and a deep knowledge in numerous industries, these professionals often manage cases under various international rules like ICC, LCIA, ICSID, UNCITRAL, among others.

One notable trait of many Swiss arbitrators is their multicultural and multilingual backgrounds which, blended with the country’s neutrality and arbitration-friendly policies, make Switzerland an attractive forum for settling international disputes. These nine Swiss arbitrators represent a spectrum of areas of expertise, from commercial and investment treaty disputes to more specific sectors such as construction, energy, and pharmaceuticals.

This article seeks to provide a detailed profile of each of these appreciated professionals. For more information on each of these lawyers and their firms, readers can follow the provided links to their respective websites.

Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler

Based in Switzerland, Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler of Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler is known for her command in commercial and treaty arbitrations. With a knack for handling matters under ICC, LCIA, and ICSID rules, her expertise is undoubtable.

Pierre-Yves Gunter

Another distinguished name in this field is Pierre-Yves Gunter of Bär & Karrer Ltd. He is a seasoned arbitrator who is often seen in major cases across Europe, acting as president and co-arbitrator under ICC and UNCITRAL rules, particularly in the energy and construction sectors.

Georg von Segesser

Georg von Segesser of von Segesser Law Offices continues to establish himself as a preferred choice for Swiss and European arbitrations. His skills are widely appreciated in arbitral proceedings held by the ICC, ICSID, Swiss rules and under LCIA institutions.

Philipp Habegger

Zürich-based Philipp Habegger of Habegger Arbitration is a seasoned arbitrator who frequently presides cases under ICC and Swiss rules, widely regarded as one of the top figures in the Swiss market.

Paolo Michele Patocchi

Paolo Michele Patocchi, a founding partner of Patocchi & Marzolini, serves as chair and co-arbitrator on an array of commercial and investment treaty cases. Having presided over many cases in various European jurisdictions, he holds considerable knowledge in handling energy, construction and shareholder disputes.

Matthias Scherer

Matthias Scherer of Lalive is marked for his adeptness in multi-jurisdictional commercial disputes. His expertise extends to managing construction and infrastructure-related arbitrations.

Sébastien Besson

Sébastien Besson of Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler is praised by clients for his roles as president, sole and co-arbitrator in construction and pharmaceutical disputes, showcasing particular expertise in ICC rules.

Martin Bernet

Martin Bernet of Bernet Arbitration / Dispute Management is highly recommended for his broad experience as an arbitrator in commercial arbitrations under the rules of the ICC, DIS, NCIA and Swiss Chambers and in ad hoc proceedings.

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Cesare Jermini

Based in the firm’s Lugano office, Cesare Jermini of Bär & Karrer Ltd serves as a sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator and chair on ICC and Swiss Rules arbitrations. With significant experience acting on arbitrations involving Italian clients, his expertise in the area is profound.

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