Top 10 Most Influential Social Housing Lawyers in North West 2023

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Social housing laws may seem complex and intricate to many. Luckily, there are numerous professionals who have dedicated their careers to understanding and working within this intricate framework, making the lives of many homeowners, renters and landlords significantly easier. In particular, those residing in the North West region of the UK have access to some of the best social housing lawyers the country has to offer. This article profiles ten of these skilled legal practitioners, providing information on their specialities, experience, and firm links to enable easy contact.

These lawyers bring a vast range of expertise to the table, with specialities ranging from housing management concerns and transactions, dispute resolutions involving anti-social behaviour and rent arrears, to handling property-related transactions like acquisitions, sales, and lease agreements. Whether you’re a housing association in need of legal representation or a landlord requiring assistance with an acquisition, these lawyers are equipped with the training, knowledge, and dedication required to help your case.

The legal professionals featured in this article belong to various prestigious firms, offering a wide range of services within the social housing sector. While some lawyers specifically specialise in non-contentious areas like governance and regulatory concerns, others excel in contentious issues like litigation and disputes. Regardless, they all possess a common trait – a steadfast commitment to ensuring the fair and just application of social housing laws.

Alistair G Fletcher

From the prestigious firm, Brabners LLP, comes Alistair G Fletcher. A specialist in non-contentious issues, Fletcher has a knack for successfully handling acquisitions and funding arrangements. Furthermore, his exceptional knowledge of governance and regulatory concerns is highly commendable.

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Jonathan Cox

Jonathan Cox is part of the proficient team at Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP. His area of expertise includes housing management concerns and transactions, and he enjoys a stellar reputation for his ability to handle regulatory mandates.

Melanie Dirom

Melanie Dirom, hailing from Ward Hadaway, is famous for her robust housing management litigation practice. She advises clients on tenancy enforcement disputes involving complex issues, disrepair claims and possession orders resulting from rent arrears. To contact Melanie and for more information visit here.

Arthur Chapman

Arthur Chapman from Knights plc, is a veteran in the social housing industry. His expertise includes property transactions such as lease agreements, acquisitions and sales. He’s also adept at assisting clients with development projects.

Janet Winrow

Janet Winrow of Trowers & Hamlins LLP is recognised for her mastery of regeneration schemes. Furthermore, she has strength in areas like stock rationalisation and property acquisitions and disposals.

Julie Loggenberg

Handling transactions and financing matters for registered providers and local authorities is Julie Loggenberg’s forte. She is part of the team at Weightmans. Her expertise also extends to advising on partnering arrangements for development projects.

Jennifer Hankinson

Jennifer Hankinson, despite not having a dedicated firm website, is reputed for her proficiency in property work in the social housing sector. Her active involvement in site acquisitions and Section 106 agreements is of significant contribution to the industry.

Lachlan McLean

Lachlan McLean may not have a firm website, but his exemplary handling of disputes in the social housing field is widely recognised. He has excellent skills dealing with aspects related to possession orders and rent arrears.

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Josephine Morton

Also from Brabners LLP, is Josephine Morton who excels in representing housing associations in management issues. Her expertise covers anti-social behaviour injunctions and possession and disrepair claims.

Matthew Hyam

Matthew Hyam, from Knights plc, provides representation for local authorities and housing associations in contentious housing management matters. His repertoire includes handling cases involving disrepair, disability discrimination, fraudulent succession, and breaches of human rights claims.

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