Top 10 Most Influential Project Finance Lawyers Shaping Spain’s Economy

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Project finance is a crucial element in the advancement and execution of many lucrative development projects in Spain. With its unique challenges and complexities, it necessitates the participation of insightful and skilled lawyers specialized in this field. These legal professionals, provided by renowned law firms, assist clients in the legal intricacies surrounding project financing, acquisitions, refinancing, and construction financing. This article highlights a selection of prominent Project Finance lawyers in Spain, providing a brief profile of their respective expertise.

These professionals ensure the smooth operation of many vital projects by offering their in-depth legal expertise. They play key roles in the negotiation, due diligence, and closure of complex financial transactions, guiding both borrowers and investors through the process. Furthermore, many of these lawyers also have a specific focus on energy-related projects, reflecting the increasing importance and growth of renewable energy across Spain.

Equally important is their role in international partnerships and transactions, with several of these lawyers having significant experience in cross-border financial mandates. This allows Spanish projects to leverage international finance and growth opportunities, undergirding economic growth both domestically and abroad. Now, let’s delve deeper into the specific profiles of these lawyers.

Íñigo Rubio

Íñigo Rubio is a notable Project Finance lawyer working for Cuatrecasas. Appreciated for his remarkable expertise in refinancings and acquisitions, Rubio brings enormous value to both borrowers and investors. He is located in Spain.

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José Guardo

Working for Clifford Chance LLP, José Guardo is active in the financing of energy infrastructure and finance projects. His insightful experience in transactions with Latin American components sets him apart in the industry.

Israel Gómez-Caro Gil

Israel Gómez-Caro Gil of GOLD Abogados, is chiefly involved in mid-sized project financings specific to the renewables sector. Predominantly advising energy companies, he also advises renowned international financial institutions.

Ander Valverde

Ander Valverde, a rising specialist in the sector, does not have a firm website. Focused on advising banking syndicates and major investors in corporate and acquisition financing, Valverde is also skilled in managing intricate cross-border project finance mandates, where he acts on behalf of notable international lenders and sponsors on energy-related deals.

Luis Jimenez López

Luis Jimenez López, a representative of Uría Menéndez, excels in providing consultation on construction financing mandates, where he acts for lending syndicates comprising eminent domestic banks and acquisition financing agreements.

Fernando Lillo

Fernando Lillo, from Jones Day, is renowned in the sector for advising notable banking syndicates as well as Spanish corporates on intricate project financing transactions, particularly those related to the energy and real estate sectors.

Marcos Botella

Notable practitioner, Marcos Botella from Garrigues, boasts remarkable experience in high-end energy project finance deals, advising both lenders and borrowers.

José María Anarte

Located in Spain, José María Anarte, an esteemed lawyer from Watson Farley & Williams, is recognised for his expertise in project finance mandates. He often advises reputed capital funds and investors, specifically in energy-related project financings, which include the financing of renewables portfolios across Spain.

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Javier Menchén

Javier Menchén of Ramón y Cajal Abogados regularly assists clients with asset-backed lending and debt refinancing, among other mandates in the project finance spectrum.

José Miguel Pinillos

José Miguel Pinillos, from Garrigues, specialises in a wide array of banking and finance mandates ranging from acquisition and project financings to debt restructurings and refinancings, bringing with him in-depth expertise in these areas.

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