Top 10 Most Influential Labour & Employment Lawyers in Uruguay 2023

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In recent years, Uruguay has emerged as a frontline legal market within the Latin American region. In particular, the Labour & Employment sector has gained increased attention due to its essential role in maintaining the legal structure within businesses and corporations. The intricacies of labor law deals with aspects such as employment contracts, compensations, work conditions, dispute resolutions, and more. Given this range, it is not surprising to see exceptional lawyers who specialize in these matters. Here we take a look at some of the most notable professionals in the Labour & Employment Law realm, offering their skills and expertise to clients needing expert legal representation in Uruguay.

These lawyers are not only distinguished for their remarkable academic backgrounds and deep understanding of the intricacies of labour law, but they also possess practical negotiation skills, adaptability to complex scenarios, and remarkable prowess in dispute resolution. Their keen analysis, business acumen, and interpersonal skills make them the most sought-after Labour & Employment lawyers in Uruguay.

Investing in legal representation is crucial for a company’s smooth operation, preventing potential disputes, and securing the company’s interests. The strength of an organisation’s legal representation can influence its sustainability and growth. The following Labour & Employment lawyers have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the businesses they represent.

Santiago Pérez del Castillo

At Pérez del Castillo & Asociados, Santiago Pérez del Castillo is a highly revered professional in the Uruguayan labour and employment legal market. Known for an impressive track record, Santiago is deemed a historic figure and a reference in this field.

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Mariana Casella

Dynamic partner Mariana Casella at the Castellán Abogados has won over clients with her readiness to solve intricate issues and her excellent communication skills. Her profound experience sets her apart in the field.

Mariana Fernández

An associate-to-watch, Mariana Fernández at Posadas is consistently prepared to offer up-to-date information and support on any matter, earning her accolades from her clients.

Ignacio Demarco

Frequently involved in union negotiations and occupational health mandates, Ignacio Demarco from Dentons Jiménez de Aréchaga is recognized as an influential player in the Uruguayan labor and employment arena.

Verónica Raffo

At Ferrere Abogados, Verónica Raffo impresses clients with her knowledge and command of strategic relationships. Her professional services reflect her comprehensive understanding of her clients’ businesses and her unfailing availability.

Florencia Di Segni

Partner at Pérez del Castillo & Asociados, Florencia Di Segni is a dynamic professional with significant experience. She is praised for her analytical skills and her ability to staunchly defend her clients’ positions.

Santiago Madalena

An associate-to-watch from Guyer & Regules, Santiago Madalena’s labor and employment expertise doesn’t go unnoticed. His clients endorse him for his excellent service, quick response, and extensive experience.

Diego R Viana

Stellar partner at Dentons Jiménez de Aréchaga, Diego Viana is known for his mastery of salary council negotiations, collective bargaining agreements, and individual labor disputes. His broad knowledge and historic reputation make him a key reference in the Uruguayan labor market.

María José Poey

With her thorough professionalism and commercial vision, María José Poey at Guyer & Regules, is appreciated by clients for her total availability and contributions to their businesses.

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Dolores Storace

Dolores Storace, a partner at Arcia Storace Fuentes Medina Abogados, offers strong assistance in labor consultancy and litigation cases, including work around restructuring, immigration and social security mandates. Her track record speaks for itself, earning her a respected status in the market.

In conclusion, the passion and dedication of these Labour & Employment lawyers significantly impact the legal and business sector in Uruguay. Their skillful handling of intricate matters and commitment to defending their clients’ interests continue to set new standards in this field.

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