Top 10 Most Influential General Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Vermont 2023

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In the fast-paced world of commercial litigation, clients need exceptional lawyers who can provide effective representation in a variety of complex disputes, from intellectual property matters to professional liability lawsuits. Vermont, despite its small size, boasts a wealth of highly skilled general commercial litigators who excel in diverse areas and consistently deliver successful outcomes for their clients. This article will showcase a few esteemed Vermont litigators whose vast knowledge and accomplished track records have earned them the trust and respect of their clientele.

These legal professionals specialize in handling corporate disputes, leveraging their in-depth understanding of both state and federal laws to advocate for their clients effectively. Able to navigate both trials and appeals with ease, they are instrumental in resolving critical matters that can drastically impact businesses and individuals alike. Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy commercial litigation lawyers in Vermont:

In each subsequent section, we will provide a brief bio of the lawyer and link to their respective law firm’s website for further information.

Walter E Judge Jr

A litigator at the esteemed Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC, Walter Judge is lauded for his broad commercial litigation practice. Tackling cases involving IP disputes, product liability claims, and breaches of contract, Walter also excels in handling personal injury and intellectual property litigation matters.

Ritchie Berger

Ritchie Berger, serving with Dinse P.C. is an expert civil litigator with copious experience in diverse disputes, including medical malpractice claims, environmental cases, and consumer protection lawsuits. He has represented manufacturers and companies in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry, among many others.

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Kaveh Shahi

Kaveh Shahi, an esteemed member of Cleary Shahi & Aicher, P.C., is a seasoned litigator. He is adept at handling insurance disputes, medical malpractice claims, and securities litigation, as well as employment law cases.

Marc B Heath

Marc Heath at Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC, is a seasoned civil litigator known for his extensive expertise in professional liability lawsuits, construction-related disputes, personal injury claims, and commercial cases.

Peter F Langrock

Holding a sterling reputation at Langrock Sperry & Wool, LLP, Peter Langrock excels in defending clients in criminal, personal injury, and civil rights disputes at both a federal and state level.

Ian Carleton

Ian Carleton, heading the litigation group at Sheehey Furlong & Behm PC, retains a wide-ranging practice that adeptly handles complex commercial and criminal litigation.

Robert DiPalma

At Paul Frank + Collins P.C., Robert DiPalma brings a well-rounded practice that navigates insolvency matters, real estate transactions, and commercial litigation.

Matthew B Byrne

Based at Gravel & Shea, Matthew Byrne is a recognized litigator with vast expertise representing clients in commercial disputes, including unfair competition, First Amendment litigations, and insurance coverage disputes, as well as securities class actions.

Jerome F. O’Neill

Also at Gravel & Shea, Jerome O’Neill is a seasoned litigator with comprehensive expertise handling highly sensitive cases including historical child sex abuse.

Richard Rubin

Richard Rubin, serving with Rubin, Kidney, Myer & DeWolfe, remains a top-notch choice for clients needing representation in various disputes. His practice spans catastrophic injury claims, commercial cases, and criminal defense.

In summary, Vermont is home to an arsenal of leading general commercial litigators who have made significant contributions to the legal profession with their extensive expertise and achievements. These lawyers’ unwavering commitment to their clients and exceptional courtroom skills make them trusted advocates in Vermont’s complex commercial litigation landscape.

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