Top 10 Most Influential Environmental Law Champions in China, 2023 Edition

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In the fast-growing world where environment protection has become an urgent priority, it is essential to recognize the role of law and legal practitioners in this field. Environmental lawyers represent public interest groups, waste disposal companies, or construction firms in their dealings with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other federal and state agencies. Here, we look at some of the most notable environmental lawyers in China. These individuals work tirelessly towards the protection and preservation of our environment, providing excellent representation for companies and contributing to China’s environmental law policy.

These legal experts have accumulated vast experiences in their respective fields and have distinguished themselves with significant contributions to environmental law in China. They not only assist clients in handling legal matters related to environmental protection but also play an essential role in shaping policies and advocating for sustainable environmental practices. Let’s take a look at these lawyers who are making a huge impact in the field of environmental law.

Keep in mind that the environment is a shared resource, and the work these lawyers do benefits society as a whole. These lawyers’ work sets precedents for future cases, guides the development of laws and regulations, and ultimately helps to protect and improve environmental conditions for us all.

Haibo Li

Working with the Winners Law Firm, Haibo Li is admired for his extensive skills in environmental law. He mainly offers advice to corporate clients on administrative law cases and provides training to state bodies and private corporations.

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Kun Zou

Kun Zou operates out of Zhong Lun Law Firm’s Wuhan office. She is respected for her comprehensive offering in environmental law. Her typical obligations involve compliance matters, administrative lawsuits, and public interest litigation.

Saijun Zhou

Saijun Zhou, part of the Tiantai Law Firm, is based in Beijing. He is involved in environment protection matters and serves as a director of the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee under All China Lawyers Association.

Guang Zhao

Guang Zhao belongs to Anhui Gaosu Law Firm and sustains an impressive practice in the environmental law area with expertise in handling civil and administrative lawsuits regarding pollution and other environmental law violation issues.

Guoqiang Chen

Capital Equity Legal Group’s Guoqiang Chen offers advice on contentious issues and is known for his practical experience in environmental work and transactional environmental projects.

Yulai Hu

Yulai Hu of Beijing Huanming Law Firm focuses on contentious environment law matters and is actively involved in law-making processes.

Jinzhong Shen

Jinzhong Shen, another outstanding lawyer from Winners Law Firm, provides assistance to ecology and environmental bureaus and domestic companies on administrative litigation cases and compliance matters.

Jun Xia

Jun Xia, a member of Beijing Jingwen Law Firm, has experienced handling environmental public interest cases. His notable knowledge in the water resources area sets him apart.

Rongliang Wu

Jin Mao Law Firm’s Rongliang Wu has a broad practice in environmental law, offering advice on both non-contentious and contentious matters and is recognized for his skill in handling environmental compliance issues and administrative lawsuits.

Junbo Song

Working out of DeHeng Law Offices’ Jinan branch, Junbo Song exhibits deep understanding of environmental, social, and governance law.

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