Top 10 Most Influential Corporate Commercial Lawyers in Nepal Unveiled

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In recent years, Nepal has experienced a surge in economic activity, leading to an increased need for competent and experienced corporate/commercial lawyers. These lawyers play a critical role in guiding businesses through the complexities of Nepalese law, whether it is a matter of dispute resolution, M&A, or corporate structuring. The following distinguished lawyers have left a significant imprint in the corporate/commercial sector in Nepal.

Sameer Sharma of S.S Legal is well reputed for his skill in M&A and venture capital transactions in Nepal, as well as contentious matters. His proactive roles in groundbreaking corporate ventures and robust commercial litigation practice have significantly shaped Nepal’s corporate law environment.

Sameer Sharma

Nepalese lawyer Sameer Sharma operates from one of Nepal’s leading law firms S.S Legal. His main areas of expertise include M&A and venture capital transactions as well as contentious matters. His commercial litigation practice is one of the busiest and renowned in the country, with a reputation for excellence.

Mahesh Kumar Thapa

Another notable lawyer in the domain of Nepalese corporate/commercial law is Mahesh Kumar Thapa. A part of Sinha-Verma Law Concern, Thapa showcases his profound knowledge through his work with hydropower projects and general corporate and tax matters. His firm’s website is accessible here.

Avash Pandit

At the well-known firm, Gandhi and Associates, resides the head of the mining practice, Avash Pandit. Despite not having a firm website, his reputation for excellent negotiation skills and general contractual processes make him a prominent figure in the corporate/commercial landscape of Nepal.

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Shikhar Pandit

Fellow Gandhi and Associates member, Shikhar Pandit, holds a prominent position as a managing associate. Pandit leverages his acquired knowledge of the hydropower sector in Nepal to provide optimal support regarding contractual agreements to various clients.

Semanta Dahal

Semanta Dahal, at Abhinawa Law Chambers, is especially experienced in overseeing large Nepalese hydropower projects, providing advisement to governmental entities. This profound expertise has placed him in great acclaim within the commercial law sector, despite the lack of a firm website.

Prakrit Shrestha

Reliance Law Firm’s Prakrit Shrestha relies on his extensive knowledge of foreign investment, M&A, and corporate restructuring to cater to the needs of both domestic and international clients. His expertise further expands into the Nepalese telecommunications sector as illustrated on the firm’s website.

Anup Raj Upreti

With a strong market reputation, Anup Raj Upreti of Pioneer Law Associates routinely advises international clients on energy projects, financing, and M&A in Nepal. His professional portfolio on the firm’s website also details his expertise in land and technology matters.

Sajjan BS Thapa

As one of Nepal’s best-known IP lawyers, Sajjan Thapa of Dhruba Bar Singh Thapa & Associates routinely assists clients with both contentious and non-contentious IP issues. His unique focus on copyrights also sets him apart in the commercial law field as illustrated on his firm’s website.

Rajeshwor Shrestha

Serving at Sinha-Verma Law Concern, Rajeshwor Shrestha has vast experience in Nepalese corporate and compliance issues. His contributions include advising on energy, FDI, tax, and TMT matters, proving his broad expertise in the corporate/commercial sector.

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Anjan Neupane

Last but not least, Anjan Neupane of Neupane Law Associates has proven his leadership in advising clients on M&A, regulatory, and company establishment matters in Nepal. His expertise doesn’t stop there; he is also experienced in managing financing and licensing matters as demonstrated on his website.

In a nutshell, these legal professionals have contributed significantly to Nepal’s corporate/commercial legal landscape. They continue to pave the way for businesses to successfully navigate through legal complexities while achieving their economic objectives.

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