Top 10 Most Influential Arbitrators Driving Dispute Resolution in Chile

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Dispute resolution is an integral part of the legal process, and the demand for skilled arbitrators is constantly increasing. In Chile, there are several lawyers who have established themselves as the most sought-after arbitrators in the country. These individuals have proven their expertise in handling complex arbitration cases, particularly in the construction, energy, and mining sectors. In this article, we will showcase and explain the work of these esteemed lawyers who have made a significant impact in the field of dispute resolution in Chile.

Jorge Granic – Larrain y Asociados Abogados

Jorge Granic is a highly regarded arbitrator and a key member of Larrain y Asociados Abogados. Known for his exceptional knowledge and understanding of the construction and energy sectors, Granic is frequently appointed to decide on disputes in these industries. His expertise in handling complex cases has earned him a reputation for being extraordinary in his field.

Rodrigo Guzmán Karadima – Grupo Vial Abogados

Rodrigo Guzmán Karadima is acknowledged for his expert handling of arbitration mandates that arise from disputes in the construction and mining sectors in Chile. He is often appointed as an arbitrator in domestic arbitration proceedings conducted under CAM rules. Karadima is highly regarded for his trustworthiness and thoroughness, and clients have praised him as an excellent lawyer.

Felipe Bulnes – Bulnes, Urrutia & Bustamante

Felipe Bulnes is a highly esteemed practitioner who excels in both litigation and arbitration mandates. His counsel work has earned him a stellar reputation, and he is recognized for his capabilities as an arbitrator. Bulnes is experienced in deciding in Chilean and international arbitration proceedings, making him one of the most sought-after lawyers in the field of dispute resolution.

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Mónica Van Der Schraft – Garrigues

Mónica Van Der Schraft is the head of the dispute resolution department at Garrigues in Santiago. She is frequently sought out to represent clients in a variety of contentious mandates, including litigation. Van Der Schraft is also known for her role as an arbitrator in domestic arbitration disputes. Clients appreciate her brilliance in civil litigation matters.

Enrique Alcalde – Marinovic & Alcalde Abogados

Enrique Alcalde is a respected lawyer who offers a wealth of experience in dispute resolution. He supports clients with commercial litigation proceedings in Chile and also serves as an arbitrator on domestic commercial disputes. Alcalde’s strong conflict resolution skills have earned him the trust of his clients.

Luz María Jordán – Jordan Barahona & Cia

Luz María Jordán is a well-reputed arbitrator who specializes in significant construction and commercial disputes. She frequently appears in Chilean proceedings held under the auspices of the CAM Santiago. Jordán is recognized for her standout experience as an arbitrator in complex arbitration proceedings.

Arturo Yrarrázaval – Yrarrazaval, Ruiz-Tagle, Ovalle, Salas & Vial

Arturo Yrarrázaval is a renowned Chilean arbitrator with vast experience in both domestic and international disputes. He is often appointed to decide on insurance, energy, and shareholder disputes. Yrarrázaval’s expertise in the arbitration sphere has solidified his reputation as one of the top arbitrators in Chile.

Manuel José Vial – Grupo Vial Abogados

Manuel José Vial is a prominent arbitrator in Chile, highly respected for his performances as a party-appointed arbitrator and chairman of domestic and international arbitration proceedings. Vial’s experience in commercial and corporate disputes across various industries has contributed to his reputation as one of the top arbitrators in Santiago.

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Víctor Vial del Río – Víctor Vial del Río – Arbitration Practice

Víctor Vial del Río is a highly regarded arbitrator in Chile who often acts as a party-appointed arbitrator in accordance with CAM rules. With extensive experience in dispute resolution, Vial del Río is recognized for his expertise and dedication.

Ricardo Peralta Valenzuela – Peralta, Sandoval, Llaneza, Gutiérrez Abogados

Ricardo Peralta Valenzuela is well-regarded for his expertise in deciding complex domestic disputes. He frequently handles infrastructure and insurance-related disputes. Peralta Valenzuela’s reputation as an outstanding arbitrator has made him a highly sought-after lawyer in Chile.

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