Top 10 Massachusetts Public Finance Lawyers Shaping the State’s Fiscal Landscape

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Public Finance lawyers play a critical role in facilitating the provision of public goods like infrastructure, healthcare, and education. They do this through financial instruments, such as bonds and loans, which fund large public projects to improve the overall quality of life in the community. Massachusetts, being the economic hub that it is, hosts some of the finest Public Finance lawyers in the country. For our readers at, we offer an interesting glimpse into some of the state’s most distinguished lawyers in this field, their achievements, and the unique strengths they bring to their work.

The following legal professionals have been selected for their exemplary accomplishments in public finance law. They all have a common denominator: they’ve consistently offered expert counsel to their clients and have played instrumental roles in structuring transactions that help to facilitate the provision of essential public goods and services. From tax-exempt financing for nonprofit organizations to multimillion-dollar infrastructure projects, these lawyers are driving economic growth and community development across the state.

We encourage you to leverage their expertise and experience in dealing with your organization’s public finance matters. Below, you’ll find detailed descriptions of their professional backgrounds, their areas of specialization, and quotes from clients who’ve been on the receiving end of their top-notch legal services. The information was sourced from the lawyers, their firms, and public records.

Stephanie H. Massey

One of the talented lawyers in Massachusetts is Stephanie H. Massey. She is affiliated with the firm Locke Lord LLP and specializes in public finance law. Massey is lauded for her work as bond, underwriter’s and borrower’s counsel in conducting financings for government entities and in conduit issuer transactions for nonprofit organizations. Clients describe Massey as “friendly and accommodating, but willing to speak up and represent us when necessary.” She’s been described as a “phenomenal attorney.”

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Anne Phillips Ogilby

Anne Phillips Ogilby, based at Ropes & Gray LLP, is highly regarded for her work in financings arising in the healthcare and education sectors. One of her clients lauded, “Anne is outstanding,” attesting to her legal know-how and effectiveness in this critical public finance sub-specialty.

Matthew Page

Matthew Page of Mintz is recognized for his valuable experience assisting clients with various debt financing facilities. “A top-notch attorney who is insightful, highly responsive, and a pleasure to work with… Matt is always engaged and this raises the relationship from basic legal services to a legal partnership that’s helping advance our goals,” notes a client.

Walter St. Onge

Another notable lawyer is Walter St. Onge, from Locke Lord LLP, who specializes in counseling underwriters in financings by state and local governments and other public bodies. He’s particularly known for assisting nonprofit educational institutions, making him an asset in the legal profession.

Christie Lombard Martin

Christie Lombard Martin of Mintz shines in the field of tax-exempt financings for public bodies and nonprofit organizations. Clients laud Christie as a “very user-friendly and succinct tax counsel, who always provides sound advice in an easy-to-digest manner.”

Benjamin McGuire

Benjamin McGuire of Greenberg Traurig, LLP oversees a variety of public finance and commercial loan transactions, often focusing on state infrastructure projects. Clients appreciate his broad knowledge base and responsiveness.

Jean M DeLuca

Another exceptional lawyer from Greenberg Traurig, LLP is Jean DeLuca. Her vast experience and knowledge as a disclosure, bond and underwriter counsel in various financings, particularly in general obligation, are highly valued by her clients.

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Richard Manley

Richard Manley of Locke Lord LLP is known for handling taxable and tax-exempt bond issuances for municipalities and for the underwriting investment banks. As one client notes, “his reputation and experience in the Boston area is fantastic.”

Thomas G Collins

Thomas G Collins of McCarter & English, LLP focuses on all elements of tax-exempt financing transactions, including post-issuance tax compliance, as well as Section 103 matters.

Jane Hawkes

Jane Hawkes of Bowditch & Dewey LLP has over two decades of experience in areas such as commercial real estate development, tax-exempt bond finance, and corporate governance. Her work on major affordable housing projects often sets her apart in the realm of public finance law.

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