Top 10 Intellectual Property Lawyers Transforming Patent Prosecution in Germany, 2023

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In the competitive commercial world of today, there’s a growing demand for intellectual property patent prosecution lawyers. These legal experts protect the rights of inventors, creators and businesses by assisting them throughout the process of obtaining a patent. Germany, in particular, is home to a remarkable pool of such specialists, credited for their extensive knowledge and profound application of intellectual property law. In the field of patent prosecution, their expertise is unmatched. Below are some of these noteworthy professionals, who have made considerable contributions to their respective sectors, and are regarded highly by their clients.

They represent a variety of industries, with a particular focus on the fields of mechanical engineering, life sciences, chemistry and biotechnology. It’s to their credit that they have a depth of understanding in these highly specialized areas of trade, which are often characterised by technical complexities and scientific intricacies. Most notably, these lawyers have a well-recognized presence in the international domain, often dealing cases in patent applications, EPO opposition proceedings, and portfolio management.

For businesses and individuals seeking to protect their work from infringement, these legal experts are a reliable recourse. They are known for their commendable ability to navigate the complex patent prosecution process, right from the patent application drafting stage to the argument and negotiation phase. Let’s look at each of them individually, to gain a deeper insight into their professional portfolios.

Max Wilhelm Tilmann

Working at König Szynka Tilmann von Renesse, Max Wilhelm Tilmann is known for dealing with patent prosecution matters specifically in the mechanical engineering and medical devices sector. His expertise also extends to licensing and employee invention issues.

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Hans-Rainer Jaenichen

Hans-Rainer Jaenichen of Vossius & Partner Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte mbB offers profound experience in intellectual property matters with a focus on patent prosecution, opposition proceedings and works extensively with clients from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Thorsten Bausch

At Hoffmann Eitle, Thorsten Bausch specializes in patent prosecutions within the life sciences space, and is also seen frequently representing clients before the EPO.

Arwed Burrichter

Arwed Burrichter of COHAUSZ & FLORACK is renowned for his scientific background. His advice is much sought-after in cases involving the chemical industry and life sciences sectors, and he regularly deals with opposition and nullity proceedings.

Gregor König

At König Szynka Tilmann von Renesse, Gregor König is recognized for his exceptional expertise in patent litigation and validity proceedings. His practice largely focuses on the life sciences and engineering fields.

Peter Klusmann

Peter Klusmann from Hoffmann Eitle is a renowned practitioner in the intellectual property space. His work often involves representing clients from the chemistry and biotechnology sectors.

Fritz Lahrtz

Simmons & Simmons LLP’s Fritz Lahrtz represents clients in EPO oppositions and patent applications, mainly in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry.

Jochen Ehlers

Jochen Ehlers from Eisenführ Speiser is known for his expertise in patent prosecution matters in the IT and technology industries. He also assists clients with matters relating to patent enforcement and licensing.

Albrecht von Menges

Uexküll & Stolberg’s Albrecht von Menges consistently aids clients in EPO opposition proceedings and patent filings. He also participates actively in portfolio management, enjoying popularity among clients from the biotechnology domain.

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Natalie Kirchhofer

Natalie Kirchhofer from COHAUSZ & FLORACK has a diverse portfolio with a focus on the pharmaceutical sector. She efficiently handles due diligence and portfolio management and also assists in patent infringement proceedings.

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