Top 10 Intellectual Property Lawyers in Israel for 2023: Expert Insights

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Intellectual Property (IP) laws are essential for the continual fostering of innovation. The responsibility of ensuring that these laws are well formulated, implemented, and maintained often rests on the shoulders of IP lawyers. If you have an idea, product, or unique system that requires protection, an IP lawyer can guide you through the intricate process. This article highlights some of the proficient IP Prosecution lawyers in Israel, focusing on their expertise and the firms they represent.

In the constantly evolving business environment in Israel, a wide range of business sectors – from hi-tech and telecommunications to pharmacology and mechanical engineering – heavily depend on IP laws for the protection of their unique inventions and products. Therefore, engaging a professional IP lawyer is a fundamental step for any business hoping to stay competitive and maintain their market share.

We now delve into the profiles of some of Israel’s highly regarded IP Prosecution lawyers, acknowledging their rich expertise and dedication in their field of work.

Eran Presenti

Eran Presenti is a well-regarded lawyer working under the banner of M. Firon & Co. He leads the intellectual property department of the organization and is highly regarded for his expertise in copyright and trademark infringement matters.

Ziv Glazberg

Without a specified firm website, Ziv Glazberg outstanding reputation in service invention cases precedes him. He has immense experience in the handling of patent applications in Israel, being particularly celebrated in the hi-tech and telecommunications sectors.

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Eliav Korakh

Eliav Korakh, of Korakh & Co. Advocates & Patent Attorneys, is notable for assisting companies in the hi-tech and mechanical engineering industries with their patent concerns. His technical precision and industry knowledge make him an invaluable asset in this profession.

Kfir Luzzatto

Co-heading the Luzzatto Group’s IP prosecution department, Kfir Luzzatto is acclaimed for handling the filing of patent applications on behalf of clients within the pharmaceutical and medical fields. His versatility also sees him practicing patent prosecution and litigation.

Daniel Kligler

Daniel Kligler of Kligler & Associates is an esteemed lawyer, specializing as a patent attorney on behalf of hi-tech clients. This specialist field puts him at the heart of the region’s booming technological sector.

Michal Fisher

Michal Fisher, co-founding partner of Fisher Friedman, is a diligent lawyer who frequently assists with the filing and prosecution of patent applications for clients in the biotech and medical sectors.

Roy Melzer

Roy Melzer of the Ehrlich Group impresses clients and peers alike with his skill in filing and prosecuting patent applications on behalf of a prestigious list of clients in the hi-tech and medical industries.

Sanford T Colb

Sanford T Colb provides strategic patent advice to a range of domestic and multinational companies. This Rehovot-based lawyer is widely regarded as an expert in the field of IP.

Cynthia Webb

Cynthia Webb, the founder of Webb & Co, has gained significant acclaim for drafting, filing, and prosecuting patents for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. She too, is based in Rehovot and is celebrated for her niche proficiency.

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Nathalie Friedman

Nathalie Friedman is an increasingly prominent patent attorney who is well versed in prosecution of significant patent portfolios. She regularly acts for clients in the technology, life sciences, and pharmaceutical sectors.

The above selection of lawyers is testament to the exceptional field of IP prosecution experts in Israel. These individuals highlight the wide array of IP expertise available within the country, and underscore the importance of professional guidance when dealing with complex IP matters.

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