Top 10 Influential White-Collar Crime Lawyers Dominating Austria’s Scene in 2023

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White-collar crime has recorded a notable evolution throughout the years, transforming from a peripheral area to a staple point of criminal practice. Modern society’s heavy reliance on economic transactions, both on the national and international level, has led to the rise and complexity of this legal field. Austria, as a part of a globalised world, is no exception, dealing with a wide variety of white-collar criminal cases such as fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, tax evasion, or bribery. In this article, we introduce some of Austria’s most distinguished white-collar crime lawyers, showcasing their respective expertise and experience in handling similar cases.

When dealing with complex cases, their profound understanding of various interconnected fields, be it financial, corporate, or criminal law, proves crucial. These lawyers frequently advise clients ranging from corporations to individuals who have been subjected to investigations related to white-collar crime. Furthermore, they provide guidance on compliance matters, ensuring that their clients adhere to the latest regulations.

The selection is based not only on their vast legal knowledge but also on their advocacy skills, helping their clients navigate the intricacies of these often high-stakes cases. The following are the profiles of some of Austria’s key figures in the white-collar crime legal field.

Georg Krakow

Georg Krakow is affiliated with DLA Piper Weiss-Tessbach. An expert in internal investigations and compliance matters, he is well versed in handling secrecy violations and fraud-related criminal cases. Operating out of Austria, Krakow’s knowledge has set him apart as a top professional in the white-collar crime industry.

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Lukas Kollmann

Ranking highly thanks to the backing of both clients and peers, Lukas Kollmann represents Kollmann Wolm Attorneys. Along with possessing considerable experience and knowledge in criminal law work, Kollmann has developed an expertise in white-collar crime cases involving trust breaches, fraud, and bribery.

Peter Lewisch

Associated with CERHA HEMPEL, Peter Lewisch is a highly reputed practitioner. His field of expertise extends to cases concerning corruption, embezzlement, trust breaches, and representation power abuse. Lewisch continues to demonstrate his excellent ability to provide his clients with practical solutions in white-collar crime litigation.

Johann Pauer

Johann Pauer is the founding partner of PauerLaw. He earned his way into the industry rankings through his extensive work dealing with embezzlement and corruption mandates. Besides, Pauer is also actively involved in cartel- and price fixing-related allegations.

Christoph Neuhuber

Christoph Neuhuber, hailing from his eponymous law firm, Neuhuber, caters to corporate clients embarking on criminal investigations linked to competition law violations and delayed insolvency filings. He is also adept in handling individual defendant cases involving fraud and embezzlement.

Otto Dietrich

With an exceptional reputation and consistent high-profile case activities, Otto Dietrich is a partner at Dietrich Rechtsanwalts GmbH. His expertise as an individual defence counsel is highly regarded within Austria.

René Haumer

René Haumer, part of the Linz-based law firm Haslinger / Nagele Rechtsanwälte, has earned his rising reputation through his active involvement in cases relating to fraud, bribery, embezzlement and corruption. Additionally, he advises on criminal cases related to environmental pollution.

Roland Kier

Adept in criminal law, Roland Kier hails from Rechtsanwaltsbüro SOYER KIER STUEFER. He is widely recognised for his skill in defending companies against white-collar crime allegations, particularly during appeal proceedings.

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Nikolaus Loudon

Recently elevated to a partner, Nikolaus Loudon, representing Wolf Theiss, stands out in the market for his capacity to advise on dawn raids and internal investigations. He also displays substantial competence in handling cases related to fraud and embezzlement.

Heidemarie Paulitsch

Owing to her wide-ranging experience in varied white-collar crime cases, Heidemarie Paulitsch of PAULITSCH LAW is a trusted name in the industry. Her capabilities extend to offering solutions concerning Anti-Money Laundering regulations and whistleblowing as well as handling cases of embezzlement, corruption, tax evasion and fraud.

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