Top 10 Influential Utah Lawyers Elevating Natural Resources & Environmental Law

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Utah, home to a thriving business ecosystem, is a storehouse of expanding industries, chief among them is the Natural Resources and Environment sector. As it continues to grow, so does the demand for legal practitioners specializing in Environment and Natural Resources law. These legal professionals provide crucial services, including regulatory compliance, permitting processes, litigation, and transactional matters. This piece provides an overview of some of the most notable Natural Resources & Environment lawyers based in Utah.

The state offers a robust collection of legal minds, each making their own unique contribution to the field. The professionals highlighted in this article have displayed their exceptional expertise in various aspects of environment and natural resources law. Their diverse areas of focus include water rights, clean air regulations, contamination and remediation matters, along with other critical environmental concerns, both at the state and federal level.

These lawyers, through their work, play a pivotal role in shaping Utah’s future in terms of environmental sustainability and responsible utilization of natural resources. They assist firms in navigating complex regulatory landscapes, managing potential risks, and ensuring compliance, thus fostering an environment conducive to growth and sustainability.

Kevin R Murray – Holland & Hart LLP

Known as a leader in his field, Kevin Murray specializes in environmental law. Particularly, he is commended for his expertise in contamination and remediation matters. His impressive professional portfolio further solidifies his status as a top-notch lawyer operating in this space.

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Denise Dragoo – Snell & Wilmer LLP

Denise Dragoo stands out for her competency in handling natural resources and environment law issues, focusing on energy and mining companies. Renowned for her outstanding client service, Denise is greatly respected for her vast knowledge on permitting, leasing and transactional issues.

Lisa Kirschner – Parsons Behle & Latimer PC

Lisa Kirschner, a specialist in water law, aids clients in obtaining and defending permits. Astutely navigating state and federal water statutes, Lisa provides comprehensive advice on regulatory compliance and handles relevant enforcement procedures.

Brad Cahoon – Dentons Durham Jones & Pinegar, PC

Brad Cahoon provides guidance on matters related to the Clean Water Act along with offering advice on cost recovery actions and site remediation work. As an excellent environment litigator, Brad’s reputation precedes him.

Michael Tomko – Parsons Behle & Latimer PC

Celebrated for his experience, Michael Tomko specializes in clean air matters. He adeptly looks after the permitting process and regulatory compliance, earning him the recognition as being a ‘detailed and highly skilled air attorney’.

Steven Clyde – Clyde Snow Attorneys at Law

Esteemed attorney Steven Clyde’s expertise lies in advising on water rights transactions and water rights usage issues, especially in the area of real estate developments.

Martin K Banks – Parr Brown Gee & Loveless, A Professional Corporation

Martin Banks provides expert advice to clients on environmental compliance and permitting procedures. His in-depth knowledge covers major air, water and waste regulations. Additionally, he is also familiar with matters arising under the Endangered Species Act.

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Emily Schilling – Holland & Hart LLP

Renowned for her expertise in clean air issues, Emily Schilling manages compliance and permitting as well as enforcement proceedings. Known to deliver exceptional subject matter expertise on complex air regulatory matters, she is a respected practitioner in her field.

Jonathan Clyde – Clyde Snow Attorneys at Law

Recommended for his proficiency in water rights, Jonathan Clyde is another competent legal mind from Clyde Snow Attorneys at Law.

Ashley Peck – Holland & Hart LLP

Ashley Peck, having solid experience in environmental law, specializes in water and contamination matters. She regularly assists clients with disputes concerning oil spills and has garnered praise for her responsiveness and effectiveness.

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