Top 10 Influential Shipping Law Experts in Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide

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Turkey is a bustling hub for maritime activities and houses a significant number of steadfast, experienced shipping lawyers who hold a profound understanding of the dynamic shipping landscape in the country. These advocates play a pivotal role in handling intricate shipping disputes as well as transactional matters, providing their clients with tailored solutions. Let us delve into the profiles of some of the most competent shipping lawyers from Turkey.

They not only deal with risk management, insurance and liability claims, acquisition, and ship finance, but also advise on contentious maritime matters, including smuggling, pollution, yacht building, salvage operations, and related insurance claims. From representing ship owners to financial institutions, their clientele is broad and diverse. We take a closer look at these remarkable attorneys, their firms, and their area of expertise in this comprehensive review.

Working in a demanding industry such as shipping requires a profound understanding of its intricacies, which these esteemed lawyers have showcased time and again. Notably, despite the complex legal regulations in Turkey, their extensive experience and distinct ability to provide client satisfaction have proven instrumental in navigating the shipping industry’s legal subtleties.

Gülistan Hatay Baltacı

Serving in the Balcıoğlu Selçuk Ardıyok Keki Attorney Partnership (BASEAK), Gülistan Hatay Baltacı is renowned for her expertise in complex shipping disputes and transactional matters. Her command over aviation finance laws also sets her apart in the industry.

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Feyzi Erçin

Feyzi Erçin, a respected lawyer from the Erçin Bilgin Bektaşoğlu, handles shipping insurance and liability claims efficiently. His legal advisory on aviation mandates is also highly valued.

Nazlı Selek

Active in litigation relating to salvage, ship grounding, and related insurance claims, Nazlı Selek operates from the NSN Law Firm.

Zihni Bilgehan

Zihni Bilgehan’s law practice in the ErsoyBilgehan revolves around contentious matters. His remits include investigations related to smuggling, pollution, and accidents.

Sinan Şenol

The founder of Şenol Somran, Sinan Şenol, holds solid expertise in yacht building matters and acquisitions. He established his firm in November 2021.

Selçuk Esenyel

Selçuk Esenyel of Esenyel|Partners Lawyers & Consultants, handles a vast array of shipping matters from ship finance to acquisition, insurance claims, salvage operations, and customs issues.

Ergun Ersoy

Based in ErsoyBilgehan, Ergun Ersoy primarily acts for ship owners, Protection & Indemnity (P&I) clubs, and charterers, mainly on contentious matters.

Semih Sander

Semih Sander from Balcıoğlu Selçuk Ardıyok Keki Attorney Partnership (BASEAK), provides advice on ship finance, acquisition, and contentious maritime matters. He often handles cases involving cargo damage, ship mortgage, and customs issues.

Kerem Ertan

Kerem Ertan of Tam & Ertan Law Office specializes in handling contentious matters in the shipping arena.

Dilek Bektaşoğlu-Sanlı

Dilek Bektaşoğlu-Sanlı from Erçin Bilgin Bektaşoğlu excels in advising on contentious and non-contentious shipping matters, including damages claims, and contract negotiations.

These eminent lawyers have proven their mettle in the complex legal landscape of the shipping industry in Turkey, earning respect and recognition in the process. They continue to serve as shining beacons in the dynamic and challenging waters of maritime law.

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