Top 10 Influential Restructuring/Insolvency Lawyers in China, 2023: In-Depth Analysis

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In China, the restructuring and insolvency legal sector is an area that has been growing in importance in recent years. The increasing number of businesses facing financial distress, together with the complexity of cross-border insolvencies, has led to a demand for highly skilled professionals who can navigate this challenging landscape. In recognition of this changing market, we take a look at some of the exciting legal talents currently working in the field.

The lawyers highlighted in this article come from a variety of backgrounds and offer unique skill sets. They all possess exemplary knowledge of Chinese law and regulations, as well as an ability to handle complex, high-profile cases. Whether working as administrators, advising clients on restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, or conducting legal research, these professionals are helping shape the future of the industry.

Our aim is to shine a spotlight on their work and to recognize their contributions. These are the lawyers who have been making waves in restructuring and insolvency practice in China:

Linhai Zhu – AllBright Law Offices

AllBright Law Offices is home to Linhai Zhu, one of the key members of the firm’s restructuring and insolvency practice. Zhu is known for acting as an administrator on insolvencies across the country and has built a strong reputation in the market throughout his career.

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Shengfeng Xu – Zhong Lun Law Firm

Based in Shenzhen, Shengfeng Xu is a standout professional in the restructuring and insolvency field at Zhong Lun Law Firm. He often acts as an administrator in complex bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings.

Xin Wang – King & Wood Mallesons

Xin Wang, an emerging talent housed at King & Wood Mallesons, offers assistance on reorganization cases in sectors including pharmaceutical, food, and shipping. His work in these areas has cemented his reputation as a rising star.

Feng Zhu – DeHeng Law Offices

DeHeng Law Offices’ Feng Zhu excels in restructuring and litigation proceedings. Most noted for his significant contribution in serving a host of domestic clients from DeHeng’s base in Jinan.

Ting Zhang – Dentons China

A reliable figure in the field of restructuring and insolvency, Zhang Ting at Dentons China, frequently works on complex reorganization and liquidation proceedings. Ting’s contribution to legal research is also very commendable.

Yanling Liu – King & Wood Mallesons

Yanling Liu is another reputable lawyer from King & Wood Mallesons. Liu is a well-versed specialist in restructuring and insolvency and is often appointed by courts to act as the administrator in high-profile reorganization and bankruptcy cases.

Zhaohui Hao – King & Wood Mallesons

Zhaohui Hao, also from King & Wood Mallesons, displays distinguished expertise in the insolvency and restructuring sphere. His most recent cases involve helping with private entities’ bankruptcy and restructuring cases, as well as site acting as liquidator.

Zhibin Zheng – Dentons China

At Dentons China, we find Zheng Zhibin, a seasoned specialist with over two decades of experience. Zheng’s expertise is particularly sought in high-stakes restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings involving state-owned enterprises and listed entities.

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Chunsheng Wang – Sichuan Faxian Law Firm

While Sichuan Faxian Law Firm doesn’t have an official website, it is the base of operations for Chunsheng Wang. Heading the firm’s bankruptcy practice, Wang has extensive experience handling liquidation, reorganisation proceedings, and often serves as an administrator.

Le Wang – King & Wood Mallesons

Another rising talent, Le Wang from King & Wood Mallesons, is specialized in restructuring and insolvency. He is skilled in handling reorganisation and bankruptcy procedures and his presence signifies a promising future in this legal field.

All these lawyers, through their hard work and unrelenting pursuit of expertise, are making significant contributions to the challenging field of restructuring and insolvency. These profiles offer a glimpse of the legal talent currently shaping this industry in China.

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