Top 10 Influential Norwegian Public Procurement Lawyers in 2023: Detailed Overview

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Public procurement is an essential element of a functioning economy. Regulated by a complex labyrinth of laws and standards, it requires the expert navigation of skilled lawyers. The world of public procurement law involves ensuring that the process is conducted fairly, transparently, and efficiently. In Norway, there are some particularly notable players in the field who have demonstrated impressive skill and experience. This includes individuals advising public authorities on procurement processes, handling tender and bidding processes and acting on contentious procurement mandates. Below, we introduce you to 10 of these accomplished lawyers.

The competition and antitrust dimension of public procurement provides an interesting twist, as lawyers must ensure that the competitive environment is maintained and that antitrust laws are observed during procurement processes. In the list of featured lawyers, you will find individuals who are especially adept in this area, often representing high-profile clients in transport, healthcare, and construction industries amidst other sectors.

Though the legal terrain in this arena is tough and sometimes daunting, these Norwegian lawyers each bring their unique approach and understanding to navigate their clients safely through the public procurement processes. In a time that emphasizes equitable and transparent dealings, their value cannot be understated.

Vera Hovelsen

Representing Advokatfirmaet Føyen AS, Vera Hovelsen advises public authorities on procurement processes. She also assists developers and construction companies with contentious matters in the Competition/Antitrust: Public Procurement industry in Norway.

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Alf Amund Gulsvik

Alf Amund Gulsvik is a notable figure in public procurement law who operates from CMS Kluge. He represents high-profile public sector clients on procurement processes, particularly in the transport and healthcare industries.

Gro Amdal

Gro Amdal, having no firm website, offers strength in complex procurement mandates, especially those related to the transportation and construction sectors, as a part of Arntzen de Besche Advokatfirma AS. She often acts for public entities such as ministries and municipalities.

Åshild Fløisand

Åshild Fløisand from SANDS assists clients with a number of public procurement cases, most notably in the healthcare sector. Her extensive experience consists of her role for municipalities and health trusts.

Anders Thue

Drawing from his experience with procurement and tendering processes, Anders Thue from Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig effectively represents clients in injunction proceedings, often aiding public sector clients in the transport and healthcare sectors.

Espen I. Bakken

Espen Bakken is well versed in handling tender and bidding processes as well as representing notable corporates in complaint proceedings. He is also active in construction procurement projects. He recently joined the team at Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig.

Kristian Jåtog Trygstad

Kristian Jåtog Trygstad of Advokatfirmaet Mageli ANS, despite having no firm website, regularly advises on a variety of contentious and non-contentious procurement mandates throughout Norway and often represents municipalities and other public bodies.

Stian Hultin Oddbjørnsen

Part of the team at CMS Kluge, Stian Hultin Oddbjørnsen regularly assists public sector clients with public procurement projects in the transport sector. He advises on compliance matters and complaints about procurement processes.

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Arne Torsten Andersen

Arne Torsten Andersen operates from BAHR and commonly represents public bodies and publicly-owned companies on contentious public procurement matters. He also assists them with state aid queries.

Wenche Sædal

Wenche Sædal of Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS comes into focus due to her role for both contractors and municipalities on contentious public procurement matters, with many of her clients coming from the energy sector.

While public procurement law may seem like an abstract or distant issue for many, these lawyers bring it into vivid reality, daily working to ensure fair processes and healthy competition. Their dedicated work contributes substantially to the general business environment in Norway.

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