Top 10 Influential New Mexico Lawyers Transforming Natural Resources & Environment Law

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In the realm of Natural Resources & Environment law in New Mexico, a number of well-regarded lawyers are engaged in upholding environmental standards, preserving natural resources, managing vital regulatory issues, and ensuring the law is applied judiciously. These attorneys exhibit leading expertise in their sectors, setting benchmarks within their niche industries. Given their deep-rooted understanding of Natural Resources & Environment law and the profound challenges associated with it, they are well suited to address complex regulatory concerns. This profile includes details on some of these attorneys and their professional accomplishments.

Our first lawyer on the list is Walter E. Stern III from Modrall Sperling. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades in Native American law, Stern is one of the prominent figures in the field. Stern is known for his well-honed skills in advising on matters such as tribal law, land rights, energy, and real estate. His proven expertise and quick responsiveness characterizes his commendable practice.

Walter E. Stern III

Walter E. Stern III, a leading light in the field of Natural Resources & Environment law, is renowned for his deep understanding of tribal law. With significant expertise advising on land rights, energy, and real estate matters, Stern consistently offers sound counsel grounded in a deep-rooted knowledge of his specialization.

Dalva L. Moellenberg

Next on the list is Dalva L. Moellenberg from Gallagher & Kennedy. Moellenberg’s extensive expertise ranges across a variety of natural resources and environmental matters. Notably well-versed in hazardous waste and groundwater discharge issues, he also excels in air quality permitting and enforcement defense.

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Adam G Rankin

Adam G Rankin from Holland & Hart LLP stands out in the field of Natural Resources & Environment law. Known for his expertise in oil and gas-related matters, Rankin frequently counsels key oil and gas regulators in New Mexico and offers invaluable advice to energy companies. His command over his field and his argumentative skills have earned him the status of a ‘super lawyer.’

Louis W Rose

Louis W Rose of Montgomery & Andrews, PA is praised for his deft handling of environmental regulatory matters and his comprehensive knowledge of regulations. Highly proficient in managing air-permitting related issues, Rose remains an influential figure in environmental law.

Andrew J Cloutier

Andrew J Cloutier from Hinkle Shanor LLP brings an immense wealth of experience to the table, notably in advising natural resources clients on noncontentious and contentious proceedings before state and federal government agencies.

James Bruce

Running his own eponymous firm, James Bruce specializes in oil conservation matters. Bruce’s familiarity with the practice, procedures, and regulators, and his adeptness at handling related hearings and administrative procedures have cemented his reputation in perfecting the art of getting things done.

Michael Feldewert

Holland & Hart LLP’s Michael Feldewert is a highly recognized natural resources attorney. Feldewert demonstrates his mastery in representing clients before state agencies, particularly concentrating on oil and gas regulatory issues.

Stuart R. Butzier

At Modrall Sperling, Stuart R. Butzier upholds an admirable reputation for his work on environmental matters. Known for managing a variety of procedures and regulatory requirements, Butzier is especially experienced in groundwater discharge permitting and related issues.

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Gregory J Nibert

Currently with Hinkle Shanor LLP, Gregory J Nibert is recognized for his practice in the oil and gas sector. Nibert’s expertise extends to handling title proceedings, financing arrangements, and asset A&D.

Dana S. Hardy

Last but not least, Dana S. Hardy, also from Hinkle Shanor LLP, has a rapidly rising reputation. Praised for her work in energy regulatory matters, she is quickly becoming a major name in the industry.

In conclusion, these notable professionals in the Natural Resources & Environment law terrain of New Mexico continue to demonstrate tenacious dedication while setting new benchmarks within their industries. Their commitment and extensive knowledge remain indispensable to the everyday workings of regulatory standards, making them truly the leading figures in their field.

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